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7 Best Apps/Websites For Making Friends Online

7 Best Websites For Making Friends Online – We may say that the world has become a smaller place to live in, yet there are millions of people out there with whom we can connect and altogether have a new experience. This what is the motto of these apps and websites which offer to help you make new friends. Recently started a trend this has been a big hit among the people especially the teenagers.

The apps/websites are proving to be promising for those who are either selective in their choices or are too shy to strike a conversation. Targeting such people these platforms are proving to be killing out FOMO & are a great start for those hesitate to approach or probably those who are looking out to expand their social circle.

Dating apps are there in the market for quite some time now. You may hear people now that they only rely on the dating apps or may be some of you might have heard thanking tinder in their wedding speeches. But the concept of sites to make friends is new and are apparently proving to be a big hit.

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But what was the need of websites for making friends in the first place?

  1. The answer seems to be loneliness. According to a study it was found that 86% of millennial’s are likely to feel lonely four times of those above the age of 60. Quite astonishing and contrary to what we used to think.
  2. The other reason to be found was that although there are people who have a great social circle, turns out that most of them are in relationships. This might make people left out who are not just ready to be dating yet.
  3. Lack of connection.

You might be having a great circle but are you one of them who lives in a different country/city and are slowly losing connection with them giving you a major FOMO? Well, you are not the only one who is suffering due to this. Making friends in a new city, in a new place can be challenging, especially if there is a language barrier. This is when Apps to find friends come to the rescue.

  1. Urge to find things in common.

While you may be in good terms with your existing friends, there might be no common things to talk about. Now you can be a young mother while your friends might be still single or unmarried. Or probably a writer with friends stuck in 9 to 5 jobs. You might be in search of a community who can share similar thoughts. Do You want to meet people to hear you? Well, try some Friendship apps and start a new conversation.

  1. To avoid ulterior moves.

Now there are friends whom we consider really close, but they want to pursue a romantic relationship, and you just get a vibe to run away. Well, these apps get you into the safe zone where there are people who are thankfully looking for some friendly connections. Thus these apps are saving you from being getting into intrusive people.

  1. Protection from creeps.

Despite of you being a social animal, getting into clubs in search of like-minded people, there must be times where you have collided with creeps. Being overfriendly or intrusive and flirty. Well, this might have disappointed you in a lot many ways. Many of these apps have a pre-built program to check if the messages are creepy or flirty. Stopping the conversations right there these apps keep you safe.

  1. Extending the point3. You want to find/meet friends in your area well these apps/websites are highly capable to fulfill all your needs.

So here are our top recommendations for Great Apps/Websites to make friends!

7 Best Websites To Make Friends Online

1. Patook

Patook - Best Websites For Making Friends Online

Calling itself THE strictly platonic friend’s app with google play’s 4.0 stars rating, this app is one of the most trusted apps to meet friends.  Patook wants to be the Tinder for platonic friendships. The working of this app is as follows

Swipe or scroll for friends.

Working in the same manner as tinder(instead of for finding friends) swipe right if you want to be friend with the person or just swipe left! If they both swipe right then ‘it’s a match’ notification is sent.

Absolute no flirting.

Not with just words but also with the technicality the app claims to have the best algorithm to detect flirt messages, banning and blocking the user immediately.

Interest based matching.

As mentioned earlier this app is a life saver when it comes to its high tech algos. The app finds the best match to your interests, giving you the subsequent freedom to take a questionnaire to refine your matches.

Local community access

This feature allows you to make your posts public that are visible to people nearby and thus the first step to kickstart a conversation.

Privacy and preferences.

You want to make just girl-friends, or guy-friends, gay-friends, the app allows you a whole lot of freedom to customize your preferences.

Follow-through/high reply

Now, this feature probably makes it the best app till now. After reading this, the next step would be probably google play. Pook’s inbuilt artificial intelligence detects awkward silence or the lulls we can say in the conversations. It helps to keep them going and suggests its users to meet.

2. MeetUp

meetup - best apps for making friends

What do you love? Do more of it with meetup. With this catchy tagline, the app mostly focuses to involve the users to actually meet. It believes that powerful things can happen if people get together in real life. Totally contrary to our current social media services and probably a great initiative.

Let’s quickly look into on how it works

The first step is to select your preferences/ what you are into. It can be painting, dancing, writing or maybe even software development.

Meetup with the people who share the same interest as yours.

This is basically a community building website where you can join people of same interests and engage in fun activities with them. What a great way to spend your time in a productive yet fun way.

Although sign-ups in the app are free. There are in-app charges to organize a meetup. The cost is $15/month. However, you can charge your participants an amount to participate in the organized MeetUp. Meetup ranked #3 in best websites for making friends online.

3. Nextdoor App


These apps for making friends are constantly coming up with more interesting and problem specific ideas. The Nextdoor app is a private social network specifically for your neighbours and the close community. This app helps us know our neighbours. The App promises to help people make their communities a safer place to live and brings the people closer. Their working is based on the motto that a helpful community is one of the most important things in a person’s life and they are helping to build it.

Putting up an example of a fence they also put privacy at foremost. The website/mobile app asks the user to verify their address, their real name, asks your preference to share the information. They make sure that your information is never leaked to third party advertisers.

4. Bumble


This app helps you to meet just one person and not a group. This app lets you customize your preferences and lets you to look for friends. Whatever your specifications to find in a friend- photography enthusiast, a classical dancer, a football enthusiast the app has everything sorted for you. The app allows you to submit your travelogues, food recipes, dance videos anything that you’d like to share with the community.

5. Skout


Apparently, one of the most loved and oldest app to make friends. It is one of the best apps to help people to meet new people. It is a location based social networking service app. Skout helps you to connect with people around you and also all over the world. It is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. It’s the parent organization of the nixter and fuse apps. the skout helps connect strangers from all over the world, and nixter lets people find nightlife events in their cities. While Fuse is a group messaging app.

Skout detects the location of the device using the GPS and helps to find other users. You can opt out from the location service feature of the app. The app has features like sending virtual gifts and sent instant messages. The app has a really safe and useful feature. It segregates its users into adult and teen communities. Available in 169 countries this app is helpful if you do not want to restrict your social circle.

6. Instagram


With Billions of downloads on google play, this is one the, most popular social networking service for currently. It is basically a photo and video sharing based app where you can find new people but only virtually. That is why suggesting in the end. The specifications and updates are well aware by everyone. Launched in 2010 this app since its launch has been loved by the audience. Read More about how to see private instagram.

7. Peanut


With a tagline as ‘meet as mamas connect as women’ is the female oriented app especially who are expecting a baby. The app helps pregnant women or mothers to meet other women letting them swipe each other’s profiles. It can be referred to as ‘tinder for moms’. It is also a community based app which strongly focuses on the meetup of the women. With a user base of 300,000 people, the app is going strong among mamas who need more women to share their problems with.

So people out there who are searching to cultivate new friendships, want to increase their social circle, want to find like-minded people refer to these amazing apps because they are people who might wanting to meet you!

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