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Adaware Free Antivirus Review 2019

Adaware Free Antivirus Review 2019 – 

Amish: Hey! Why are you so tensed?

Rohit: I don’t know Amish, why my computer is malfunctioning so much.

Amish: Let me check. Do you have any virus protection?

Rohit: No, I only play games, use MS-Word. Hence, I think I don’t need to buy an antivirus.

Are you a person, who thinks like Rohit? We hope your answer is “no”. As your health cannot be fine without proper medical treatments, your computer also depends on protection. According to most of the users, virus attack is the most common as well as dangerous hazard for computers. It only needs a few seconds to destroy the system, removes your files and slows down the computer.

To prevent all the possible attacks and provide the users with a flawless experience with their machine, all the manufacturers are equipped with their own skilled team of tech support. Though there are plenty of tech persons to guide you in any trouble, the need for antivirus is crucial for computers. To serve the wide range of computer users, antivirus suppliers are increasing immensely. Therefore, nowadays, people have multiple options to choose from.

When it comes to choosing things, the comparison becomes the most significant weapon. The case is similar for antivirus too. All these easily available options, force people to compare their features to get the best deal. This review will elaborate and help you to compare the features of Adaware Free Antivirus Edition’s to make people acknowledged about the pros and cons of it. Let’s begin the journey, let’s find the answer of “should I try it or not?”

Lavasoft AdAware Antivirus Free has been in the market for quite a long time (2009). However, it is unfortunate to say that many renowned labs do not recommend it.

Adaware Free Antivirus Comprehensive Review 2019

Before getting into the comprehensive review part, here is the top three vital points about it—


  • It does not need a huge share of the CPU to work.
  • Gives real-time protection form common, inferior worms.
  • You can scan files and folders easily.
  • Gives you update alert; whenever a new update is available.
  • The full system scanning process is quicker than others.
  • Available in silent mode also, which is great. You can put all the alerts in silent mode when you are watching movie or doing any important job.
  • Suitable for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It’s free.


  • Test results are not wonderful.
  • Web filter is not available.
  • Behavioral Monitoring is average.
  • The coverage is basic, even the paid features are not sufficient.
  • It does not have the capability to scan the e-mail system and files.
  • Takes too much time at the time of installation, while others take only a few minutes.
  • You have to register to try the free version and the validity is one year.

Is it worthy to be paid?

Of course you will pay if you are satisfied, however, is the free edition of Ad-Aware pleases you? According to the other free options, you will get some basic features in it and paid versions are designed amazing facilities. In this program, the free version is not enough to satisfy the users. ‘

If you want to try it, you are free to do. There are some better options as well, like- Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast etc., which are more efficient.

Malware Protection

In comparison with Bitdefender or Kaspersky, the malware detection power of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus is in the bottom line. Ad-Aware Free edition 11 has an Ad-Aware Web Companion, which can scan corrupted URLs. In the latest version this feature is not available, it can only check your download files. According to the lab tests, the protection level of this system is 63-65%, while other free versions are scoring 99%.

This review includes all the possible factors of Ad-Aware to help the user in finding the best free antivirus, which may be the Bitdefender or the Kaspersky, even Avast can be the one. To find out the answer, you have to read, Bitdefender Avast and Kaspersky . Hope our study will be helpful for you. Selecting the best option is your province.

The Final Statement

The free version is available only after registration, which makes it displeasing for many users, because, there are various top-class free antivirus solutions available in the market with great ratings.

The main reason for having an antivirus is to protect the machine from the bugs and when the antivirus is ordinary in protection, then it creates confusion for users.

Changing the brand name is a challenging thing and it confuses people about the brand. For AD-Aware the case is not like that, they are in the market for a long time, however, their confusion about their own brand name and changing it repeatedly, fuels doubt in users about their products. If we count their working year, then it will arouse some expectations, while they do not care about it. Here are the important factors, which will help you to make your judgement.

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