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Apex Legends Best Loot Spots Explained – Best Landing Spots For Loot

Apex Legends Best Loot Spots Explained – Best Landing Spots For Loot – You want to be the best at a game – be greedy. Cut your opponents supply train and make sure you have better gear than the opposition. It might sound like some guerrilla tactics from a Che Guevara manifesto but it really applies to PvP and multiplayer games. One of those games so happens to be Respawn’s Apex Legends.

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If you want an edge against your opponents, it’s important for you and your team to gear up and loot as fast as fast as you can. Skill only makes up 30% of the game, the rest is about preparation and looting. The better your gear, the greater your chance at victory.

The game isn’t only won on the battlefield. You’ll find players crowding areas to find the best loot like it was Walmart on Black Friday. Much like Black Friday, you need to know where the specials and sales are. You can’t be running around the map like a headless chicken.

So you need to get acquainted with each of the zones in Apex Legends. Each zone has its own assigned loot table and that table consists of a certain tier of loot. As you explore the game, you’ll get a notification of the loot quality in the locale you’re currently exploring in the game world.

Apex Legends also takes on a unique approach in steering you into the combat right from the start. For instance, you can land on a supply ship rather than an area on the map. This will give you an early advantage on gear and loot. You can also track supply ships once you hit the ground. There are special areas of the map designated for each new game which contain insanely high amounts of loot and gear.

In this guide, we’ll be running through a few tips and tricks on how to acquire gear as quickly as possible.

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Supply Ships

supply ships apex legends

The supply ship moves across the map at the start of a game. You can actually play pirate and land on it directly while it’s in transit. You’ll need to perfect your dropping and landing skills to pull this off perfectly.

You should expect a lot of opposition if you plan on going this route. If you can successfully pull it off, you’ll have access to its vast inventory of loot and gear. Just be prepared to fight your way to some of it.

Since Apex Legends has no fall damage, you can simply jump off the supply ship when you’re satisfied with your haul. Don’t stick around cause you’ll find other players gunning for you.

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If you don’t want to take this route, you can actually wait for the supply ship to land before raiding it. Its spot is actually marked on the map. There will be new loot to get your hands on once it lands. You still have to be careful though as other players are guaranteed to be on the hunt for the supply ship. So step carefully and mindfully.

Once again, you can fulfill your futuristic pirate fantasies by zipping in and out. Ziplines prominently surround the supply ship. This makes for easy entry and escape. You don’t want to hit the ship head-on and risk being seen and caught by the opposition. By ziplining in, you can catch your opposition off guard and make a clean getaway by ziplining out Jack Sparrow style.

Hot Zones

It’s important to pay attention to any Hot Zones marked on your map. At the beginning of the game, Hot Zones are marked with a light blue circle. Hot Zones are the best places to find great weapons and armor items. A key issue with Hot Zones is that they’re hot zones. Which means everyone and their mother will be gunning for all the best loot before anyone else can. They’re not crammed with as much loot as Supply Ships are and they require you to do a fair amount of investigation and scavenging before you can find anything worth looting, but they’re still worth the visit.

Supply Drops

supply drops apex legends

Players also have the option to take advantage of Supply Drops. These work the same way they do in other games like Fortnite and PUBG. They drop from the sky periodically during matches. You’ll know when one has arrived on the map as the announcer will confirm that it’s dropped in, and a small blue circle will appear on your map indicating its location.

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You might still find some opposition over these, but it will probably be less intense than scavenging for loot from Supply Ships or Hot Drop Zones. They’re a good alternative if you’re really struggling to get geared up. Don’t expect a large cache of loot. They usually contain a maximum of three items but if you’re lucky enough, you could score some rare items like the legendary Kraber sniper rifle or the Mastiff shotgun.

Other Loot Options

If you don’t mind doing a little treasure hunting, your other alternative is to explore and search through the map looking for the Supply Boxes that appear in pretty much every location. They usually take the shape of long rectangular-ish white boxes that players encounter during the tutorial section of the game.

Additionally, you can also search around the map for small supply bots. These contain some sizeable and decent equipment. You’ll notice them by a flashing light on top of their heads. They also make a distinct beacon like sound. Even with these indicators, they are still quite tricky to spot and are deliberately hidden away. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to find any of these.

If you stumble across one of these supply bots, give them a punch with your fist or simply shoot them. They’ll explode and drop three to four items. They always seem to drop one Epic or Legendary item so they’re definitely worth busting open. We’d also recommend using your fist to destroy them because it’s quieter and it’s less likely to give your position away.

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Apex Legends Best Loot Spots Explained

We discussed this in a previous guide but we thought we’d add an updated version so we can make things a little more convenient for new readers. So you don’t have to jump from link to link.

Top 5 Areas for Loot in Apex Legends (Map Wise)

1. Skull Town

skull town

Skull Town is shanty town is named so because of the prominent giant skull running across it. There are plenty of buildings to loot here and a lot of vertical space to play around with if you do encounter any difficulties. Whenever we drop into this spot, it seems to be surprisingly unpopulated. So if you’re looking for an area that will present you with very little opposition and plenty of potential gear, you should give this spot a try.

2. Thunderdome


If you’re looking for a relatively empty area filled with plenty of loot, you should pay a visit to Thunderdome. Usually, there aren’t players here, so it’s very easy to wander over to Skulltown once you’ve stripped this area down to its bare bones. If another squad lands with you, you need to be prepared for the possibility of close quarter fights. It’s a pretty small area.

We suggest that you nip any opposition in the bud as quickly as you and can pick up as much loot as possible. This way you’ll stop your enemies from running off with any of the loot. Once you dispense of any resistance, you can then presume your looting in relative peace and quiet.

3. Hydro Dam

hydro dam

This zone has great loot, but expect a ton of enemies if you land here. Make sure you aim and shoot for a door upon landing so you can get to all the good gear as quickly as possible, and make a clean getaway as soon as you’re done. You don’t want any players to get an unnecessary drop on you while you are here.

4. Two Spines (East of Cascades, West of Wetlands)

It’s unmarked on the map, but very much underrated. It lies right between Cascades and Wetlands, or south of Artillery if you’re coming from that direction. Its openness makes it quite a dangerous area. This location can leave players quite vulnerable but it’s riddled and packed with supply crates. So if you’re willing to take the risk and you have your teammates as back up, you could benefit from visiting this area.

5. Relay


Relay is a tiny area located in the north-eastern corner of King’s Canyon. Much like the aforementioned Thunderdome, you are often left to loot in peace and will rarely find players landing in the area.

With enough loot to satisfy your entire team, Relay is an ideal drop location as it allows players of all skill levels the opportunity to explore and learn the ropes.

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Final Word

You can expect more loot tips and updates in the coming future. It has been well documented that Respawn has a ten-year plan for Apex Legends so you can anticipate a more revised version of King’s Canyon in the future. You can also expect more weapons and gear. Hopefully, this guide directs you to some great current gear and loot spots. Remember to visit our site for more Apex Legends tips and guides. If you have any hot tips of your own regarding loot, please share them with us in the comment section. Make sure you pay us a visit for more gaming and tech related articles. As always, thank you for reading and happy gaming.

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