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Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Tips & Abilities

Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Tips & Abilities – Since its early February 2019 release, gamers have had an interesting and unexpected love affair with Apex Legends. The developers and publishers barely marketed it before its release and yet gamers took to it like moths to a lamp.

It’s really hard to explain Apex Legends’ popularity. All we know is that it’s fun to play and it has enough content to keep gamers interested in it for a while. The core Battle Royale game is also completely free to play. Another plausible theory is that it offers a welcomed alternative to games like PUBG and Fortnite.
Upon launch, Apex Legends came out with eight different characters, two of which were locked but could be unlocked using one of the game’s virtual currencies.

One of these characters happens to be Caustic. As his name implies, his character and skill kit is themed around handling poisonous or caustic gas to suppress and destroy his enemies.

His Tactical Ability is the only real trap ability in the game. It can be an extremely useful tool, used either defensively or offensively. For instance, setting it up and placing it near narrow areas can help cover your flanks while you search through a building.

Much like mines, the traps are triggered when enemy Legends walk close to it or when the traps are shot. If you’re playing as Caustic, you can check your map to see whether your toxic canisters are still intact. The best thing about the Nox Gas Trap is it has a relatively low cooldown and Caustic can hold up to 3 canister charges. So you don’t have to use them sparingly.

But his tactical ability is just one piece of the puzzle. In this guide, we’ll go in-depth and explore Caustic’s various abilities and how they can be used to the maximum. We’ll also discuss his background. If you’ve decided that you want to pick Caustic as your legend, this guide will give you his ins and outs. If you’re not sure whether Caustic is or is not the right legend for you, this guide can also be used as an informal review to help you decide.

Apex Legends Caustic Bio and Character Information

Favourite Moto:  “I don’t concern myself with the ambitions of insects.”

Caustic’s formal class designation is Toxic Trapper

Official EA BIO

“Before there was Caustic, a scientist named Alexander Nox worked at Humbert Labs, the Frontier’s leading manufacturer of pesticide gases. With a glut of pesticides needed to protect the growing Frontier colonies’ crops, Humbert Labs was constantly on the hunt for better and stronger formulas. Nox was one of their brightest scientists and worked day and night developing new gases. But to make sure they worked, he needed to test them on more than just inert tissue: he needed something living.

As he toiled in secret, Nox began to see the beauty in his creations and their ability to destroy anything they touched. But the head of Humbert Labs soon discovered his gruesome experiments, and their confrontation ended with the lab in flames and its chief dead. Today, Nox is missing and presumed deceased. Caustic, meanwhile, now finds new test subjects in the Apex Games, where he puts his gaseous creations to work and observes their effects with great interest.”

Real Name: Alexander Nox

Age: 48

Voice Actor: JB Blanc

Who is JB Blanc?

JB was born in Paris, France to an English mother and a French father. He moved with his mother to Yorkshire, England at the age of four, where he was raised and attended school, eventually graduating from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 1990.

He worked extensively in theater in Britain for over 15 years, including a three-year stint at London’s Royal National Theater. His theater work encompassed everything from avant-garde physical theater companies to world tours of Shakespeare plays and classical Greek theater.

JB is also a highly accomplished voice actor and director with projects in film, animation, video games, anime, and commercials. His animation work includes All Hail King Julien, Dragons: Race To The Edge, Scooby Doo, Trip Tank, Turbo Fast, Pickle And Peanut, Regular Show, Penn Zero, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers Assemble. He has over 170 video game credits, totaling over 400 characters, including Rost in Horizon Zero Dawn, The Admin in Minecraft Story Mode, Bane in Telltale Batman, Arkham Origins and others, many projects for Blizzard Entertainment and the Uncharted franchise.
He has been the voice director on various video games: Fortnite, Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, Lego Batman 3, Lego Dimensions, XCOM 2, Mafia III, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: Legion, Hearthstone, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm.

And his most recent role is Apex Legends’ caustic. Honestly, Respawn could not have chosen a better voice actor to take the role.

Apex Legends Caustic Guide & Abilities

In this section, we’ll be going through Caustic’s three main abilities. We’ve given an in-depth explanation and description of each ability as well as a few tips in using them effectively.

3. Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Passive Ability: Nox Vision

“Allows you to see enemies through your gas.”

This ability allows caustic to see through his Nox Gas. Most players will try to avoid the gas but if any players are caught in it, they’ll be highlighted in green.

This can prove to be incredibly useful if you’ve bombarded an area with gas. Not only will the gas be poisonous to your enemies but it will disrupt their sight like a smoke grenade. This will allow you to gun them down like fish in a barrel.

You can make the most of this ability by throwing a gas grenade in front of your foes or right in the middle of a gunfight. This way you’ll be able to better position yourself while your enemies struggle to escape.

But do be careful and remember that Apex Legends is a team game. Nox gas can also obscure your allies’ vision. You need to be communicative before you lay any traps or throw out any gas canisters.

2. Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap

“Drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.”

We briefly discussed Caustic’s tactical ability in the introduction of this guide. This ability allows Caustic to drop canisters as traps. As soon as an enemy player walks near or over them, they release a gas trap. They can also be shot.

While it doesn’t do great damage, it’s good for things like sealing, blocking or making areas harder to enter. You can also use this trap as a makeshift alarm that alerts you when an enemy legend is near a chokepoint.

Placed canisters show up as a gray outline when behind walls when they are triggered they will appear green. If you dislike the placement of a canister, you can pick it up and place it elsewhere.

3. Apex Legends Caustic Guide – Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade

Blankets a large area in Nox gas.

This is where Caustic truly shines. This ability allows caustic to throw gas canisters and drown large areas in gas. This damages enemies and obscures their sight.

The damage is not insane, but you can use your passive ability to spot enemies caught up in the gas and shoot them.

It’s imperative that you line up your throw before you follow through and disperse your gas canister. You don’t want it to bounce off a wall or miss and go to complete waste.

apex legends caustic guide & tips

Some More Apex Legends Caustic Guide, Tips and Tricks

In this section, we like to summarise some of the tips we’ve gathered while playing the game and scouring the internet. We’ve put this list in a bullet point list to make it easier for players to reference it and use it as a guide. As we find more tips, we’ll add more content to this list.

  • If you know enemies are lurking in your area, drop some Nox Gas Traps in doorways or near loot so you can catch them off-guard. Pay attention to whether they’ve been triggered or not, as it’ll give away their position too.
  • If you’re in the middle of a close quarters fist fight right at the beginning of the game, don’t hesitate to litter the floor with gas traps as it’ll chip away at your targets – and they’re unlikely to realize it as they frantically dash around looking for loot.
  • There may be a position you don’t want enemies to hold or take up position in. Drop some traps in there to flush them out if they do wander inside, and then pick them off when they emerge.
  • Nox gas isn’t easy to see through, so you can use them to hinder enemy vision in tight spaces. Since your passive grants you vision through this gas, don’t be afraid to get aggressive and take the fight to the enemy when they are struggling.
  • You can use your mines as a last-ditch escape tool. The gas is pretty difficult to see through, so chuck one at your feet and shoot it before doing a runner.
  • It’s possible to lay down a total of six mines.
  • Damage will stack if you place mines close together.
  • We’d recommend using your Ultimate ability to trap targets in a building or a chokepoint. It’s also fantastic for flushing enemies out so you can finish them off out in the open.
  • Remember that you’re immune to the gas, so if a bunch of enemies is attempting to flee, jump in and try picking them off before they get a chance to flee.
  • Caustic’s gas is actually pretty difficult for enemies to see through, which actually makes this grenade a decent escape tool if you’ve got no other option. Try chucking it down behind you and using the cover of the gas to reposition.
  • You can use the gas a protective blanket if you are down but not out. Crawl into it to give yourself a better chance of survival.
  • With the above point in mind, you can chuck a Nox Gas Grenade at a downed ally to increase your chances of getting a revive off if you’re under fire. Gas doesn’t damage friendly allies and it’ll make it much harder for enemy players to see and enter the vicinity while you’re reviving your teammate.
  • Caustic’s gas traps are particularly useful in the early and late game. You can spread them around early and catch a lot of players that are quickly running around for loot. In the late game, you can cover the circle in traps and make it hard to avoid them.
  • Place canisters near doorways and areas you expect an enemy to potentially appear as a way to alert you or deter them from getting the jump on you. This is especially useful if you are looting or reviving a teammate.
  • If enemies are trying to escape the storm, be sure to place canisters in their path to make it more difficult.
  • While you are mainly hoping to use Caustic’s ultimate to disorient an enemy can also be used as a smoke grenade. This can allow you to be aggressive or getaway in certain situations.
  • Caustic pairs well with Bloodhound who can track enemies through the gas. Players would also do well to use optics that can highlight enemies.
  • Be careful when throwing gas around your teammates and in particular your ultimate. While they won’t be damaged by it like enemies, they’ll still struggle to see through it.
  • Landing on the Loot Barge is a good idea with Caustic. You can throw around your canisters and make it really hard for people to get around. This way you get all of that extra good loot for you and your team.
  • You can use Caustic’s canisters to block doors! This is especially useful if you are trying to prevent an enemy from entering, or you are trying to keep an enemy trapped in an area with your gas. Most players still haven’t realized you can melee down a door, so if that’s the case then you can revive a teammate or get off a heal before they can get inside.
  • The canisters can be destroyed by enemies if they shoot the very bottom of them (it’s the red part of the canister). They will not spew gas, this is unfortunate for Caustic who might already have trouble getting usage out of these.

How to Unlock Mirage

As we’ve said in the introduction, Caustic can be purchased from the Legend’s store. You have a choice of using two different in-game currencies to unlock him. You can either use Apex coins, which are obtained by purchasing them with real-world money or you can use Legend Tokens which are earned by leveling up in the game. Caustic costs 750 Apex Coins unlock. Alternatively, you can grind and purchase him with 12,000 Legend Tokens.

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Final Word

Caustic can be fun to play with but we still prefer purchasing Mirage over Caustic. But if you’re interested in playing as an anti-hero or antagonist, Caustic is your guy. If you have any tips of your own or would like to share your opinions with us, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box. We’d really love to hear from you. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this guide. We really appreciate it.

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