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How to Get Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends

How to Get Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends – Since its early February 2019 release, Apex Legends has experienced an unbelievable amount of popularity and adoration. Could it be that gamers were itching for an alternative to Fortnite? Could it be Apex Legend’s connection to the Titanfall universe? It’s probably the sheer randomness of players dropping into a location and playing against strangers that you will never meet. It seems that the battle royale gaming format has not yet lost its allure. Apex Legends currently has over 25 million players. It achieved this feat in less than a week.

At the time of writing this article, Apex Legends gave players the choice of playing as one of its eight legends. Two of which are locked. What this means is it’s important to pick a legend and style it according to your personality. You want to stand out from the rest of Apex Legend’s player base. You want to give your legend an identity so when you drop an enemy, they know it was you. Apex Legends gives you a bunch of options in terms of cosmetic items. The best way to unlock more cosmetics is by finding them in loot, crafting them or purchasing them one of Apex Legends Currencies. One of these currencies happens to be Apex Coins.

Apex Coins (AC for short) are Apex Legend’s real-money micro-transaction currency. Apex Coins are basically converted to real-world currency. We decided to write this article to show you the best ways in which you could Get Apex Coins for free.

Top 3 Ways of getting Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends

Getting Free Apex Coins by Buying Them

free apex coins

This may sound counter-intuitive. I mean you’re here to learn about how you can get Apex Coins without spending a penny and here were are telling you that you should purchase them. But this is actually the best and most legal way of securing some free Apex Coins. The more coins you buy, the more free coins you score as a bonus. Here are the bundles:

  • 1,000 Apex Coins: $9.99 USD (0 Bonus)
  • 2,150 Apex Coins: $19.99 USD (150 Free Apex Coins Bonus)
  • 4,350 Apex Coins: $39.99 USD (350 Free Apex Coins Bonus)
  • 6,700 Apex Coins: $59.99 USD (700 Free Apex Coins Bonus)
  • 11,500 Apex Coins: $99.99 USD (1500 Free Apex Coins Bonus)

Using your EA Access or Origin Access Account to get free Apex Coins & Tokens

If you have EA Access on your X-Box one or Origin Access on your PC and are registered with EA, EA gives you 1000 Apex Coins for free. They also give you a free legend. Any player on Xbox One with an active EA Access subscription will be given three exclusive items by simply starting the game. Similarly, PC players with an active Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premium subscription will get three exclusive items to use in Apex Legends by logging in.

The bonus content included for players that qualify consists of:

  • 1000 Apex Coins (worth $9.99)
  • An exclusive Flatline Epic Weapon Skin
  • A special Banner Badge

This bonus content offer is only available for a limited time, EA has confirmed. Players on Xbox One and PC must log in to Apex Legends by June 30, 2019, if they wish to add it to their account.

Using GamerHash For Free Apex Coins

GamerHash is basically a website that allows you to mine bitcoin and share your processing power. That’s not all though, it also allows you to convert your bitcoin into dollars or purchase gift cards or hash codes with them. You can mine for bitcoin and purchase or earn free Apex Coins. The website is reputable and has even been reviewed extensively. Once you get your codes from GamerHash, all you have to do is this:

  1. Log in to your Origin account and launch the game
  2. Go to Origin Store and select 1000 Apex Coins (edited)
  3. Select Pay with Paysafecard
  4. Key in the PaySafeCard codes you got from GamerHash (each code separately)
  5. Accept the PaySafeCard Terms and Conditions and click PAY

It’s as easy as that.

Other Tips and Info

The ways we’ve listed above are currently the most legal and reputable sources of free Apex Coins. At the time of writing this article, Apex Legends was three weeks old so you can expect an updated version of this article to be posted on the website sooner or later.

Remember that Apex Legends gives you an opportunity to earn or buy its in-game currencies through the use of hard work or real-world money. It gives you an actual framework to Earn Free Apex Coins and if you try to circumvent this framework, it’s basically cheating. There are exploitable Apex Coin glitches that EA and Respawn work very hard to fix every day. By the time we publish a how you can earn Apex coins through a glitch, Respawn would have covered it.

how to get free apex coins

Respawn is very strict against cheating. At the time of writing this article, Respawn had already blocked and barred 16,000 users because they were caught cheating. On February 16, released a statement on Reddit stating: “As of today over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from the game. Cheaters suck. If you run into one, please try and capture the evidence and let us know here:

Even if you don’t get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. I’ll just say that’s a very good idea”
If you want to know more, you can find the post here.

Facts about Free Apex Coins Generators and Websites

All of them are scams

Be very wary of websites that claim to give away free Apex Coins. Most (if not all) are fake. Avoid them. They’re scams either trying to fish your account information from you or they are trying to install a virus onto your system. You should not fall for the trap of giving away your personal information on these websites.

You risk losing your game and EA Account

apex legends free coins

Earlier in the article, we spoke about Respawn having very little tolerance for cheating. If you’re caught cheating in any way, EA will ban you.  Remember that before playing the game, EA presents you with a list of terms and conditions which you have to accept before you play. If you try to cheat their systems and violate these terms, Respawn and EA will have no choice to ban you. You’re lucky that they don’t take other legal action against you.

Never Download or install Apex Legend related content from the non-official website

There are way too many websites which are promoting fake apex coins generators and ways to earn free Apex Coins. Don’t be fooled, most of these sites are built by scammers trying to get the best of you. Do your research thoroughly and consult this list if you’re unsure. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Do not fall into the trap of downloading any of this software. You could really damage your device or lose your EA account as well as access to the game.

Final Word

Although there are currently only three methods you can use to get free Apex Coins, it’s important to note that they are all reliable and legal. We would never steer you wrong. We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you have any quarrels or qualms, please leave a comment in the comment section. We’d really like to hear about your experiences with the game. Maybe you have some Apex Coin tips of your own. Thank you for reading.

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