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Apex Legends Map Guide: Best Loot Places, locations To Land in King’s Canyon

Apex Legends Map Guide: Best Loot Places, locations To Land in King’s Canyon – While this isn’t the direct sequel to Titanfall 2 that gamers were hoping for, Titanfall does well to scratch that itch while we wait for the next game in the series. While titan fall takes place in a variety of different maps, Apex Legends takes place in one giant map called King’s Canyon. It’s near continental in its size it’s packed a variety of locales replete with an assortment of scenery, vistas, and landscapes. From forests, mountainous terrains to urban settings, despite being a singular unified map, King’s Canyon does not lack in panorama.

Apex Legends Map Guide - Best Loot Places, locations To Land in King's Canyon

As new players, it’s important to orient yourself around the battleground. The first part of mastering any game is learning the controls and how they interact with the game mechanics. The second part is learning about your surroundings. You do this so you know how to play in each area. While some areas are conducive to close quarter combat, others may be suited to a more subtle or stealthier approach.  You have to know how to strategize and learn which locales are best for you and your teams playing style. You also need to know where you’re going so you don’t have to constantly consult the map.

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So to help you orient yourself with King’s Canyon, we’ve affixed an image of its map. We’ve also attached a detailed breakdown of each of the main areas. This will give you a better understanding of what each location involves and entails before you drop into it. Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale and Respawn has a ten-year plan for it, which means new areas are likely to be added in the near future. We’ll keep a close eye on events as they unfold and update date this guide accordingly.

Apex Legends Map & Location Guide (The King’s Canyon Map)

Apex Legends Map & Location Guide (The King’s Canyon Map)

Once you’ve selected a character and entered into a game of Apex Legends, you’ll want to know where the best places are to drop on the map. Here’s

All Locations in King’s Canyon

  • Airbase
  • Artillery
  • Bridges
  • Bunker
  • Cascades
  • Hydro Dam
  • Market
  • Relay
  • Repulsor
  • Runoff
  • Skull Town
  • Slum Lakes
  • Swamps
  • The Pit
  • Thunderdome
  • Water Treatment
  • Wetlands


At the very start of a match of Apex Legends, one player in your team of four will be designated as a jumpmaster. The jumpmaster decides when your entire team jumps out of the jet from above and the angle they’ll take as they glide along – which means they essentially determine where the entire team will drop.

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It’s not compulsory though. If you want to drop without the dictates of a jump master, you can simply hold the X or Square button (Depending on which platform you’re playing on) while descending with your team to break away from the pack.  This is not recommended because it may leave you far apart from your other teammates which means if you land into a sticky situation, you won’t have any back up to get you out.

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Apex Legends Locations – Best places to land

Selecting where to drop can be a little complicated. Sure, you and the other members of your team can ping the jumpmaster and let him know where you want to drop but s/he still has control of where the team lands.

If you’re looking to acquire or find some armor and weapons early in then you need to find locations with buildings. Places like Market, Skull Town and Artillery have multiple buildings in close areas that can be scavenged for all types of loot.

You’ll also want to pay attention to any Hot Zones marked on your map. The Hot Zone is branded with a light blue circle at the very start of an Apex Legend’s Map. Hot Zones are the best places to find great weapons and armor items. A key issue with Hot Zones is that they’re hot zones. Which means everyone and their mother will be gunning for all the best loot before anyone else can.

What are Apex Legend Rings?

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll notice a timer appear on the top left corner of your screen. Once the timer is elapsed, you’ll notice a slight gray circle appear on your map. This circle basically acts as a safe zone in the game. You need to make sure that you’re in this safe zone at all times. After the circle has appeared for the first time, you’ll notice another timer appear. This shows you how much time until the entire map shrinks into the safe zone.

If you’re not in the circle by the time the map shrinks, you’re going to take continuous damage until you make your way to the safe zone. It’s important to constantly check up on the position of the circle and ensure that you and the rest of your team are in it.

There are few constructs around King’s Canyon that can help you travel and traverse the map faster. For instance, if spot a red balloon attached the ground with a rope, Penny Wise the Clown did not leave it there. You can actually interact with the rope and shoot up it towards the balloon. Once you’re at the top, your character will fly off into the air where you can glide and back down onto the ground. As though you were just jumping out of the jet for the first time. With this track, you can travel through King’s Canyon quite quickly. It’s like an air express.

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King’s Canyon Map Highlights and Loot Areas

These are some of the loot spots we’ve found and heard of around the internet. We hope that this section will point new gamers in the right direction.

1. Skull Town

A shanty town is named so because of the giant skull running across it. There are plenty of buildings to loot here and a lot of vertical space to play around with if you do encounter any difficulties. Whenever we drop into this spot, it seems to be surprisingly unpopulated. So if you’re looking for an area that will present you with very little opposition and plenty of potential gear, you should give this spot a try.

2. Thunderdome

If you’re looking for a relatively empty area filled with plenty of loot, you should pay a visit to Thunderdome. Usually, there aren’t players here, so you can wander over to Skulltown once you’ve stripped it down to its bones. You need to be prepared for the possibility of close quarter fights if another squad lands with you. It’s a pretty small area.

We suggest that you pick up as much loot as you can and nip any opposition in the bud as quickly as you can. This way you’ll stop them from running off with all the loot. Once you dispense of any resistance, you can then presume your looting in relative peace.

3. Hydro Dam

This zone has great loot, but expect a ton of enemies if you land here. Make sure you aim for a door upon landing so you can get to all the good stuff as fast as possible, and evade on sticky situations.

4. Two Spines (East of Cascades, West of Wetlands)

Unmarked on the map, but very much underrated. It lies right between Cascades and Wetlands, or south of Artillery if you’re coming from that direction. While it’s pretty open, which could leave you vulnerable if another team drops here, there’s an absurd number of supply crates to gear up with.

Final Word

I hope this guide can help you get acclimatized with Apex Legends. We’d suggest that you print out the map if you have to or memorize it if you can but always keep a careful eye on it. You simply can’t memorize Hot and Safe Zones as they tend to appear dynamically. Other than that, if you’d like to add any tips of your own or would like to point out any blind spots on our side, please do not hesitate to hit the comment section. We’d love to hear from you. As always, stay hydrated and thank you for reading.

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