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Avast Free Antivirus Review 2019

Avast Free Antivirus Review 2019 – Imagine, your friend has got a new computer and asking you to suggest the maintenance guide for it. Will you suggest a keyboard protector or an extra mouse or an excellent antivirus package? Definitely, you should suggest your friend for a reliable antivirus solution.

Though there is no shortage for antivirus provider vendors in the market, choosing the right one is the most difficult as well as an important job for the users. There is no such antivirus, which will be able to protect your machine completely, however, it is always a wise decision to be secured with a solution program, rather than having not any. As it is quite tricky to depend on one product, a quick review will be the best option as your guide.

This writing piece’s purpose is to make people aware of the best free antivirus, which is Avast Free Antivirus. If you are someone, who are planning to install it in your PC and thinking what will be the best, the free edition or the paid, then read on this article. You will get a suitable answer surely after five to seven minutes.

To make the review easy to read, the writing piece is divided into different sections with points. Let’s begin the reading—

Avast Free Antivirus Review 2019

Coverage and Types

Your search for getting reliable security cannot be completed without judging the coverage and variation of the product. This program is suitable for Windows XP to Windows 10. The features are almost free, therefore, you can call it a free premium security solution. If you need extra features, like- file encryption or file shredder, then opting for the advanced options should be your next job.

Performance of the Solution

To say something about the performance, judging the results of the most contemporary labs play a great role. And according to these labs the performance of the program is not splendid, however, you can use it for basic protection. The security solution has the same malware-detection engine for both the premium and free version. Therefore, if you are thinking that the Avast Free Antivirus edition will not be able to solve the web attacks and malware hassle, then you are wrong. It has supreme productivity in preventing your machine from any kind of unwanted attack.

Installation Process

Suppose, you have selected the first-class antivirus but you are unable to fix it. Remember, there is no use of the product, which you cannot use freely. Be fitting with the topic, the Avast Free Antivirus is super easy to install. The person, who has minimum knowledge about its function, will manage the entire task within a few minutes. The installation procedure will ask you to download Avast’s web browser or other tools. It is upon you, if you want to say yes to the additional downloads or not. The easiest way to cancel any unwanted download is to uncheck the boxes. If you register in the program, then the added advantage is the free trial for one month. The registration is easy and repeatable.

User Interface

This security solution has a clean, organized interface. And this factor makes it easy to access as well as acceptable to many users. There are no giant looking fonts or various menus to confuse the users. Therefore, it can be said that the option is the best for a novice user.

Our Thoughts about the Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus has been in the market for a good time. It is overall a reliable security solution and known for the best malware protection. Though most of the people think that it is an average option to try for, however, from our end, the vote is winning. You can get everything, which is possible in a free version. Hence, try the best computer security protection now at free.


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