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AVG Free Antivirus Review 2019

AVG Free Antivirus Review 2019 – The term ‘antivirus’ and ‘computer’ is related to each other significantly. Antivirus is like antibiotic for computers. There are various reasons for malfunctioning of the machine, among them virus attack is the most common issue. it will be undeniable if someone says that he/she is using a computer without antivirus and he/she have not faced any issue regarding the function of the machine. Apart from playing games, watching movies, your machine is an indispensable item in your office bag. Therefore, you cannot take any chance of its condition to hamper your work.

Some people think if they do not download from various websites, then the machine will be safe from the virus. However, it is proved that the virus can attack from sharing files also. No matter, for what you are using the computer, the reason may be downloading songs or playing games, you should install an antivirus software on your pc.

The best possible way to keep it safe is by investing in an antivirus program. Buying excellent security support is more troublesome rather than choosing a computer. The presence of numerous antivirus options in the market makes the job more difficult for users. If you are thinking to try a security program and multiple confusions are preventing you from doing the job, then concentrate on this article. Here is the review of AVG Free Antivirus to end all your questions.

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AVG Free Antivirus In Depth Review 2019

To make the review easy to understand, there are individual points. Go through the points carefully to understand the efficiency of the product—

Coverage or Capability

People opt for antivirus to protect the machine from virus. Malware is the most dangerous one, which can damage the entire machine within seconds. If you are thinking that this antivirus will protect your computer completely from a malware attack, then you will not be satisfied. It does not have that much of power to offer supreme malware protection. Others inferior virus attacks can be solved by it.

Protection Power

AVG and Avast Antivirus is known as the corporate sibling. They share their security protection system for detecting unwanted issues in the computer. AVG works with the same protection as Avast, however, it has its own look and feel and some extra benefits. The security program of AVG is similar to other free security systems. The procedure starts with scanning the files, comparing files to detect malware or another virus. If any unusual thing comes into existence, then the program sends it to the AVG lab for detection. In addition, it checks the e-mail attachments but the protection is limited in this case.

Performance of the Protection Process

According to various users’ reviews and testing, this software is a little bit down in the ladder of productivity. Though it has malware protection, ransomware protection, however, the supreme service is absent in it. Bitdefender or Kaspersky(Read Kaspersky Review) is better in performance, protection even in their free edition.

According to the top lab tests, the protection power of AVG Antivirus Free is 95 per cent. If you are searching for the program, which will score 100%, then the answer will be Bitdefender(Read Bitdefender Review) or Kaspersky for sure.

Security and Privacy Setting

As Avast and AVG are the corporate siblings, people assumed that the service of AVG will be far better than Avast. However, the outcomes of the lab tests have proved that it failed to please the users. Avast(Read Avast Review) has got an amazing alert system, however, it has a basic one. It has some inferior extra features. There is a file shredder with a medium capability and nothing else to impress the user.

The scanner prevents your computer from getting affected by duplicate, cache files as well as corrupted items, in case you have the premium version, otherwise, you have to clear the cache by yourself (the most annoying job).

Both AVG and Avast has the joint privacy policy, which includes “statistical data that has been anonymized and aggregated geographically and so, cannot be used to identify individuals, with third parties for trend analytics.” You can also check their online privacy policy to collect data. To do that having a registered account is mandatory.

System Impact

After sharing a lot of negative points about AVG Free Antivirus, here comes the positive one. While all the renowned antivirus programs slow down the machine at the time of scanning, this free edition is the best in this case. It will not slow down the machine and most importantly the system impact is less than the competitors.


AVG Free antivirus’s interface is based on a black and green coloured theme. There are some green rounded icons, which signifies that your machine is ok and when the checkboxes are changed into red then it alerts you about the possible attack. It was designed with a last scanned link so that you can fix the time of next scanning process. You can easily update the version by clicking on the update option to enjoy the advanced features. The interface is easy to access and well-designed.

 Final Verdict

AVG Free Antivirus has medium coverage for malware and less impact on the computer. The initial scanning process is quick with the assistance of it. However, if you are looking forward to something top-class, you will not be happy with it.

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