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Avira Free Antivirus Review 2019

Avira Free Antivirus Review 2019 – If you are a tech-savvy or not, having an own PC is common for all age groups these days. Computer is the most useful item in every modern home. Whether you want to research about something or want to order medicine, your Pc will assist you in sort of jobs. Have you ever imagined if your system stops in the middle of your work, what will you do? Off course, you will be feeling irritated. However, the irritation will not solve your problem. To prevent all these hassles, you should search for the best antivirus for your PC.

As computer users are increasing day by day, various antivirus providers are also introducing themselves in the market. Though the presence of these brands are helping a lot the users, however, these are confusing many users too. With multiple options available in the market, people are getting puzzled about what to try and which to avoid. Not all the options are bad or completely good. Each of them has both good and bad points. To find the most appropriate one requires a lot of research work. And the research starts with reading reviews about the product. Befitting with that fact, this Avira Free Antivirus review is here to guide you on the right track. Let’s begin—

Things you should look into your antivirus are coverage, protection, performance, impact and interface. This article is going to focus on all these factors one by one to make your reading easy and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Review Of Avira Free Antivirus 2019


After extensive research works and modification, Avira Antivirus Free came into existence in 2006. The experts are still working for its improvement. Unfortunately, the improvement is unable to please the users. In the introduction, it is mentioned that antivirus is meant to protect the PC from virus attack. Hence, judging this program’s efficiency by its coverage is fair enough. The free edition of the antivirus has nothing impressive. Like other free basic antivirus options, it also provides the user with malware protection. Though the coverage is really basic, you may have this for your PC as a basic option.

This free version is suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Avira’s free edition does not any support from Vista and XP, which is not acceptable while most of the free antivirus programs have.

The premium version of the antivirus is equipped with password manager, ransomware protection and other amazing features. If you are looking for a free edition, then it is better to look for other antivirus options rather than this one.


The antivirus protection is similar to other competitors of it. Avira Free Antivirus has three steps of protection.

First, the malware scanner examines the new files to detect malware.

Second, the heuristic system of the Avira scans the codes to search for infection.

Third, the software uploads the threats to the Avira Lab for the final stage.

Avira Free Antivirus has supreme power to scan any compressed files and blocks corrupted search results for the user. This edition has firewall manager and browser extension to rate websites and to prevent unwanted downloads in your PC.


The malware scanner of this security program is used by both the free and premium editions. According to the users, the performance rate of the program fluctuates a lot, sometimes it offers splendid service while most of the time the service standard is low. In most of the lab test, Avira scores 96/100 in virus detection. Hence, it is a good choice for those who want a mediocre performance. These research works also verify that, among all the Windows variations, Windows 10 is the best suit for it. It works flawlessly in Windows 10.

After comparing the performance standard, it can be said that it is superior than AVG, however, not better than Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky.

Privacy and Security Setting

Apart from being equipped with Privacy Pal, which can solve almost two hundred issues easily, it has some additional features. These additional options are nothing, instead of making the software complex.

The System Speed Up of Avira is a great tool to remove cache files from the machine and help it to run swiftly. The premium version of Avira has Phantom VPN, where you can access more than 1GB data by paying $10 per month. If you are ready to pay a few dollars then the benefits will be increased as most of the essential features are locked in the free edition.

System Impact

The impact on your machine is enough high to be noticed easily. Once you start the initial scanning process, you will realize that your machine is unable to follow your command quickly as it did before. It has the highest load among all the free antivirus editions. Therefore, using this may give you a lot of hassle.


The bight, colourful, well-designed appearance of Avira is the prettiest among the others. It has orange, sky blue and green as the theme colour. The designers keep it simple and easy to understand for the users.

The Conclusion

Let’s be straight here, there are a lot of free antivirus options in the market with amazing protection as well as coverage without slowing down the machine. You can try other free edition for better service without experiencing any high impact on the computer.

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