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The Best Free Office Software | Best Free Office Suite

The Best Free Office Software | Best Free Office Suite – The routine work on Microsoft is conducted unquestionably using Microsoft office suite which includes MS word, excel, PowerPoint, access and so on. The features provided by these applications are amazing and sort of irreplaceable but often people face issues when it comes to the pricing.

So, you should know that there are numerous alternatives for Microsoft office softwares which are going to provide you almost the same features and a great functionality which would be suitable enough for your work.

The people who do not have too many requirements from office softwares and these alternatives might be suitable for them. If you are also looking for some limited features then you do not have to pay for the not required ones and that is why you could rather go for a best free office software which will be compatible with your limited needs.

Best free office suite, alternative for Microsoft office suite:



Google is a perfect and all rounder platform for the entire basic internet, storage and even the office needs of an individual. The web pages of Google can easily be used as an alternative for the Microsoft office suite. They are free of cost and they also provide you the benefit of cloud storage.

Google docs could be used as your word processor, Google slides as your presentation application and Google sheets as your spreadsheet. These Google features allow you to replace the use of MS word, PowerPoint and excel effectively.

These applications provide you the benefit as you could easily access them from anywhere by merely having a Google account and an internet connection.

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libre office - best office suite

This is also a free microsoft office alternative which just uses an internet connection and could be easily installed on your computer. The best part of this application is the amount of cost effectiveness it provides to the user. Though its default document format is unlike the Microsoft office format but it is good enough in functionality.

The fact is that if you are a Linux user, you would probably be using Libre offices application.

It supports the file formats of MS office, and is very regular on its updates as well. You can even unlock more features with extensions and templates available.

It also has a few formats of its own and a great and easy design for you to get started.


In case you have a special liking for the applications by Microsoft, you need to consider the use of office online as it is a great MS office alternative to be installed on your PC or MAC. It has a few similarities to the Google applications as it could be directly run through your web browser and the fact that you could start using it with your Microsoft account cannot be denied.

Microsoft Office Online is a great alternative because it is going to provide you cloud storage option too, for word, excel, PowerPoint, one note, flow and sway and so on.

You can also edit the files already stored on your drive or PC. Office online also has an alike interface to MS office version 2016.

There’s a version of Office Online for Chrome, plus mobile editions of Office for iOS and Android.


wps office - free office programs

As you would be familiar with the name “kingsoft office”, you should know that WPS office is the renamed version of it and it is, more specifically and alternative office suite for the android users. When you will start using WPS office free, there would be a spreadsheet, a word processor and an application for presentations too. These could easily be a replacement for MS office softwares as WPS office gives you sort of a similar feel and design as MS office.

It also adds a sync feature to your cloud through which you can sync your documentation progress and update it on cloud storage. WPS Office is available for free as well as in a premium version. It is also a free office software and you could choose the paid version for your additional needs too.

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iwork - best free office software

In case you are a MAC user, this is the perfect competitor of MS office. Apple iWORK is a great and suitable free office programs for MAC OS users and is free of cost too.

It has the capabilities of being a word processor, a spreadsheet and presentation software as well. The work done by this software is literally very simple.

This is a great replacement of MS office suite for petty requirements and small office work.

This application has got all important and easy to use features. All you need is an Apple ID for using it.


calligra office suite free

This is another open source suite and could be considered as an effective tool for your basic office requirements and is a best free office suite too.

On an average it is going to provide you as many applications and more as Libre office but the features are no more than that one.

It is going to cater your needs for extra office applications too, including flowcharts, image manipulation and DBMS and so on.

Great, isn’t it? The cost effectiveness is also another considerable feature for Calligra office.

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dropbox paper

Earlier you were able to use drop box for storing but now as we have dropbox paper, it has also served as a replacement to MS office needs and functionality. It is equal to a great Microsoft office alternative.

It allows you edit and create documents like MS office, share and collaborations with your acquaintances too, and so on. The web based platform does not include presentation and spreadsheet use but you could add the compatible files on drop box.

As the dropbox paper is more and better than the original file storage platform dropbox, it is going to serve you with improved functionality and more features.

It is sort of minimalistic and has a clean interface too.

So, these were some of the best free office software applications which are going to provide you features in accordance with your requirement and will help you get rid of the extra price you have been paying to MS office suite applications.

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