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10 Best Torrent Client | Best Torrent Downloader (2019 Edition)

Best Torrent Client | Best Torrent Downloader (2019 Edition)Torrents are an extremely popular way of sharing and downloading files across the internet. So much so that Microsoft, file hosting sites and download managers have adopted a peer to peer multisource style in their communication protocols that are in the same vein as torrent clients. People associate torrenting with piracy but it’s done a lot to innovate the speed at which we share files. This is one of the benefits of downloading files this way – the speed.

Not all torrent clients yield the same benefits though. Some are slow or bogged down by ads. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the finest free torrent clients.

  1. BitComet

bitcomet - best torrent client

On top of our list of the best torrent clients list comes BitComet. It’s a free C++ based torrent client that also works as a general download manager. It has great browser integration and supports most browsers. It also has chat functionality. It’s fast and has minimum advertising. What’s great about BitComet is how it’s light on system resources which makes it fast to open and close.

  1. µTorrent

best torrent client - utorrent

µTorrent was developed by the same company the created the BitTorrent client. It’s actually the most popular torrent client outside of China. It has versions for Android, Linux, and Windows. utorrent comes with a standard interface. It isn’t very heavy on features and resources, however, the free version does come with some very intrusive advertising.

Its simplicity has deprived it of having any proper search functionality. It’s still one of the best torrenting programs on the market.

  1. Deluge

deluge torrenting program

Deluge is a free, easy to use and best torrent downloader. It makes it near the top spot on our list because of its simplicity and aesthetically pleasing design. It’s highly customizable and expandable with plugins and add-ons. It’s available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. You also have access to optional encryption. If you’re looking for a great alternative, give Deluge a try.


filestream me - torrent client for windows is a lesser-known client but it’s one of the best torrent software you can find and deserves way more recognition. It keeps your IP address private and has cross-platform versions for mobile devices. It also has secure file transfers. The only problem is you might have a few limitations if you download the free version.

  1. BitLord

bitlord -best torrent downloader

BitLord is a completely free torrent client for Windows and macOS. Like most good torrent clients, you can password protect the BitLord program as well as preview audio and video before it has fully downloaded. It has an easy to use search function that will help you manage and organize your torrent. BitLord is definitely one of the best torrenting programs on the market.

  1. Vuze

best torrenting program - vuze

Another well-known torrent client worth checking out is Vuze. It’s one of the most feature-packed torrent clients you’ll find on the internet. It’s simple and easy to use and is pluggable. It also allows you to control its functions through a web browser like Chrome.

It is definitely worth the download if you’re looking for a simple torrent client with extendible functionality.

  1. qBittorent

qbittorrent - best torrent software

Another great extensible tool for downloading torrents is qBittorent. It’s a simple client that’s very kind to system resources. It comes with an integrated search engine, IP filtering, a built-in media player and encryption. On top of that, it’s completely ad-free. It’s also open source.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense torrent client that covers the basic and delivers fast torrent speeds, look no further than qBittorent.

  1. BitTorrent

best torrenting software - bittorrent

BitTorrent has two proprietary torrent clients, µTorrent and BitTorrent. Despite sporting different color schemes, both clients are nearly identical. BitTorrent can do a few things that µTorrent cant. BitTorrent has web-based seeding. You can also effectively use it to make comments on torrent sites and leave reviews.

It’s a simple and small torrent client. Unfortunately, the free version is weighed down with ads and an otherwise confusing interface. It’s still worth the download despite all of its flaws.

  1. FrostWire

best torrent client - frostwire

FrostWire may be another lesser known entry on this list, but it’s one of the best BitTorrent clients you’ll find on the internet. What makes it special is it allows users to search for torrents on the web with an array of different sites at once. It’s totally free and doesn’t force advertisements on users.

It also allows you to stream podcasts and radio stations from the internet. It also supports a wide variety of platforms. FrostWire is easy to use and is well worth the download.

  1. BitThief

bitthief - bittorrent client

Last on our list comes BitThief. What makes BitThief unique is it’s a free riding BitTorrent client. Which means it allows you to leech without seeding or uploading. This can be convenient for users on a metered connection. However, this is frowned upon in the torrent community. So use this application sparingly. The beauty of BitThief is that it’s portable.

It does not require you to install any software to get it to work. So if you’re a selfish pirate, looking for a quick and easy to use torrent that won’t waste any of your data, you can download this application.


I hope you’ve found this list enlightening. Remember that torrenting isn’t only about pirating. There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to download legal torrents. If you’ve found this article, please share it with your friends. Once again, thank you for reading. Stay safe and happy torrenting.

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