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Top 10 Best Kodi Addons – Working Kodi Addons 2019

Top 10 Best Kodi Addons For 2019 – Besides its ten-foot user interface and its lineage as XBMC, what else is Kodi known for? Well, Kodi is actually one of the best media players you can get for your device. Previously, it caused some controversy due to having features and add-ons that could be used to stream and watch pirated content. Yes, truthfully, those Add-ons still exist but that’s what makes Kodi so special.

Because it’s an open source media player, users and developers are encouraged to build their own add-ons and share them with the community. Of course, you’re going to get a few less than savory contributions but its Kodi’s plugability that makes it so enticing. That same plugability inspired this article. The problem is there are so many add-ons that some of them are fake.

Well, we’re here to give you the Top Kodi addons of this year and they all work.

List Of Top 10 Best Kodi Addons | Working Kodi Addons 2019

  1. Exodus 8.0

Exodus - best kodi addons

The latest version of Exodus works as previous versions did. It’s one of the Kodi movie add-ons you can get for your Kodi media player. Although Exodus was discontinued by its previous developer, Exodus was too beloved to be abandoned, so it was picked up by a new developer known as Kodi Bae.

Exodus gives users the power to peruse through some of the latest movie and series. Exodus has great search and filtering functionality to make finding your favorite series and movies a whole lot easier. It incorporates and allows you to follow live TV. It also has a great selection of 4k movies.

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  1. Covenant

covenent - top kodi addons

If you’re looking for an alternative to Exodus, look no further than Covenant. Covenant is actually one of the most infamous Kodi plugins. If you’re a long time Kodi user, you’re bound to have come across Covenant.

Covenant offers easy navigation that helps you find the latest and greatest movies as well as TV shows. It has an efficient filtering feature that places movies and shows into genres and subcategories. You can also sort streams by their popularity, language, and ratings. Much like Exodus, Covenant also has integration.


  1. The Magic Dragon

the magic dragon - kodi addon

The Magic Dragon is a relatively new add-on but it’s already being lauded as one of the best. At this rate, it’s sure to surpass Covenant and Exodus but today, it earns the third spot on this list. The beauty of Magic Dragon is it allows you to search for and watch sports and even radio channels.

It also comes with your standard movie and TV show streams. The Magic Dragon is definitely worth downloading if you’re looking for an alternative movie and streaming Kodi Addon.


  1. Planet MMA

planet mma - best kodi live tv addons 2018

No one ever thought that MMA would be as popular as it is today. There was once a time when boxing was the most popular combat spot and people never thought it would lose its popularity, especially not to cage fighting. If you’re an MMA fan and you’re looking for a Kodi addon that is strictly for streaming and watching MMA, look no further than Planet MMA.

Planet MMA offers high-quality content with over 30 content categories. It allows users to watch PPV events, on-demand videos and much more. Planet MMA is definitely of the best add-ons for Kodi.


  1. Tubi TV

tubi tv - kodi sources

If you’re familiar with our previous lists, you’ll notice that Tubi TV comes up a lot as one of the best free streaming services. Well, this plugin allows you to have easier access to their streaming services. The issue with Tubi is it’s not available everywhere in the world. It has geo-location restrictions. Luckily Kodi in conjunction with the Tubi TV add-on, allows you to bypass these rules and restrictions so you can benefit from Tubi’s content as well.

The add-on allows you to browse through Tubi’s extensive library with a set of over thirty categories. You have access to all the genres that Tubi has to offer while checking what’s popular and what’s new using the add-ons filter feature.

  1. UK Turk’s Playlist

uk turk playlist kodi addon

Uk Turk’s Playlist is one of the biggest names on this list. It allows you to watch TV shows, anime, cartoon, live TV and a lot more for free. It has a very standard looking layout and interface but what makes it one of the most popular add-ons is because of its huge collections that are supported by multiple streaming links.

There are some reports that have seemed to agree that Turk seems to scrap links faster than any other add-on. Either way, its entry on this list of the best Kodi addons is well deserved.

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  1. Deceit

deceit addon

Deceit is another relatively young add-on that deserves more spotlight. What sets it apart is its advanced search and filter function. It allows you to stream content such as movies, TV shows, live streams, podcasts and radio stations. It also has Real Debrid and integration.

Deceit features an advanced settings section where users can create all types of customization and tweaks. Deceit may be relatively new but it’s also one of the best Kodi video addons.


  1. Crackle

crackle kodi addon

Crackle is another entry you’d probably recognize as one of the best free streaming services for movies and series. It’s only right that Crackle would have a Kodi add on. Again, Crackle has restrictions so it’s not available in every country.

This add-on not only allows you to break through those restrictions but it also allows you to search through Crackle’s repository while using a nice neat interface. Because it’s not an illegal addon, it’s very easy to install.

  1. Git Browser

git browser kodi addon

If you’re a developer or just an internet enthusiast, you may be familiar with Github, the popular software development platform and web-based hosting service for version control. Github also hosts Kodi add-ons. This add-on allows you to browse through Github’s library of Kodi add-ons and add them. This makes adding add-ons a whole lot more convenient and this is why it’s earned its spot as one of the Top Kodi addons of 2019.

  1. Indigo

indigo kodi addon

Indigo is a Kodi maintenance plugin that allows you to sort out a plethora of issues you may experience with Kodi. It allows you to clear Kodis cache memory or restore it to its original state. Indigo also allows you to make backups and restore points.

It also allows you to configure and tweak Kodi. It also creates logs whenever Kodi or its add-on’s experience any problems or crashes. This add on is definitely worth the download.

Final Word

This list was pretty much a mixed bag. We explored some of the best addons for kodi to stream movies, series and sports to discussing some of the best plugins for general purpose. What’s your favorite add-on?  Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you’ll pay us more visits in the future.

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