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The Best MMORPGs You Should Play Right Now

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The Best MMORPGs You Should Play Right Now – Gaming has always been an intricate part of human culture. As humans have evolved so have our reasons for gaming. What was once a past-time used to ward off boredom while challenging ourselves and each other has become a form of escapism. This isn’t another indictment on gaming, after all, gaming can be an important part of self-care and has even been proven to be good for your mental health. This, of course, depends on what game you’re playing and how long you’re playing it for (everything in moderation).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a break from reality, now and then again. Because of their immersion and how they allow you to interact with other gamers on a large scale, one of the best video gamed genres for escapism are MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Games these days have become increasingly expansive but thanks to the socialism of the internet (and tactics to fund games like in-game purchases), you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to escape your boring daily life. Here are ten of the best MMORPG for PC and console in 2019.

The best MMORPGs to play right now on PC and console

  1. Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2 - best mmorpg

Guild Wars was initially released in 2012. It wasn’t free when it was released but in 2015, it became free to download and play. The core game is free but you still have to pay for certain things like DLCs and expansions. What made and still makes Guild Wars 2 unique is that it adopted a storyline that is reactive to a player’s choices and actions.

It’s a mechanic that it adopted from modern RPG games. Instead of linear questing, it uses a dynamically generated events system, making it unpredictable but very addictive. It also has a very unique and dynamic combat system where even the environment can be used as a weapon.

Although it’s about seven years old (in 2019), Guild Wars 2 is still of the best MMORPGs you can sink your time into for free.

  1. Blade and Soul

blade & Soul - top mmorpg

The second entry on the list belongs to another NCsoft title. The biggest complaints that people seem to have with most MMORPGs is that most of them don’t have very deep or fine-tuned combat systems. This is where Blade and Soul differs. It’s a martial arts MMORPG.

It employs a third person camera view and requires players to complete a series of attacks. It’s very reminiscent of a hack-and-slash or a fighting game. It also has a “Downed” mechanic that allows players to recover from the brink of death.

So if you’re looking for an MMORPG whose main focus is combat, then Blade and Soul is the best free MMORPG for you.

  1. TERA

tera - best free to play mmorpg

TERA, currently named TERA: Fate of Arun is one of the best MMORPG games. This is because of its expansiveness and the depth of its unique lore. It includes questing, crafting and P vs P action. It has a unique non-target battle system where the player targets enemies through a cross-hair trigger.

Some may find this a turn off but it really makes combat feel like it’s free-flowing. It allows players to choose between seven different races with their own unique racial skills and attributes. It also allows you to choose between thirteen different classes.

  1. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

new mmorpg - final fantacy xiv

Truthfully, this title could have easily taken the top spot. Square Enix and Final Fantasy have a long lineage of fantastic RPG games so it’s no surprise that they would craft an amazing MMORPG too. The only reason that it’s lower on the list is that it’s not free-to-play for everyone.

What makes FF XIV unique is it allows for cross-platform play between PC, PS3, and PS4. From its unified interface and controls, battle and party systems, game economy to its armory and job system, Final Fantasy offers an incredibly immersive and addictive gaming experience.  That’s why it’s earned its spot on our list of the top mmorpg.

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  1. Neverwinter

neverwinter - top mmorpgs

If you’re a Dungeons and Dragon’s fan and want to play a game that closely follows the lore and rules, look no further than Neverwinter. Players can choose between one of eight D&D characters and form parties or groups of up to five players.

It uses real-time combat to deliver fast-paced action. What makes it special is that players can accumulate action points through combat to unleash their special skills during a fight.

  1. Rift


Rift has been around nearly for a decade now. Some people may mistake it for a World of Warcraft clone but it is more than that. One of the things that make Rift special is its class system where players can choose one of two opposing factions (the Guardians or the Defiant), followed by one of three races and a class. Players can take on three souls at a time which work like subclasses.

Rift is completely expansive and immersive. It has plush environments worth exploring, a deep lore and plenty of quests to complete. What more can you ask for from a free fantasy MMORPG?

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

star wars the old republic

Why the Star Wars universe is interesting as a setting is because of its mythos and lore. It’s built a reputation from its movies. Sooner or later there was bound to be an MMORPG based on it. Players have a choice between eight different classes and can choose between joining the Republic or the Sith. Players may possess a morality on the light/dark spectrum.

This mechanic is similar to similar to mechanics you may find in other RPGs like Fable. Different classes favor different styles of gameplay. Because this game is developed by Bioware, you may find game mechanics borrowed from games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

It’s one of the most developmentally expansive games and it is free to download and play. The Old Republic is definitely one of the best MMOs for PC.

  1. Lord of the Rings Online

the lord of the rings online

If you want to talk depth of lore and mythos, we can’t have a discussion without mentioning Tolkien’s work. Besides movies, it’s also inspired comics and games. It was a matter of time until they made an MMORPG so fans could explore Tolkeins work virtually. It’s the oldest MMORPG on this list and one of the most popular of the last decade.

What makes LOTRO unique is it allows players to switch from first person to third person view at will. There’s the main storyline known as the Epic Quest Line which is presented as a series of books. Each quest is a chapter.

If you’re a fan of Lord of The Rings or the habit then this is definitely the best mmorpg for you.

  1. Aion: The Tower of Eternity


NCsoft has two entries that are already on this list; this is the third. Aion was initially released in 2009 and since then it’s been kept alive by expansions and added content over the years. Aion includes some very extensive character customization and crafting. It also includes an in-depth player housing and pet system. Aion’s biggest draw has always been its balance between the PvE and PvP system.

Once players reach level 25, they can enter the Abyss, a PvPvE battleground where opposing factions battle for control over fortresses. The music on Aion is also pretty good. Because of its extensive content, Aion stands as one of the best MMORPG games.

  1. DC Universe Online

dc universe online

Finally, something for the comic book fans. DCUO allows players to create unique characters which they use to interact with some of their favorite DC superheroes in an open world setting. It also has arenas where players can face each other in a PvP style. It has some great character customization.

The game itself has some great voice acting and as well as scripting and writing. The game mechanics and combat are fluid and easy to learn. It’s free to play but it has a lot of in-game purchases and some of the content requires DLC which can only be purchased.

Despite its flaws, it’s still a top MMORPG, worthy of some of your time.

Final World

The beauty of MMORPGs and why they have such a long life span is because more content is added over time. Also once a person invests time into their character and the quests, playing an MMORPG is like living an entirely different life altogether. It transcends its status as just a game to something more meaningful. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this list of some of the best free to play MMORPG.

If you have your own recommendation, please drop it in the comment section along with which MMOs you love playing as well as your game tag(s). Let’s build a community. As always, thank you for reading.