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10 Best Screen Recorder For Mac | Screen Recording Software Mac

Best Screen Recorder For Mac | Screen Recording Software Mac (2019) – Mac used to come with a built-in snipping tool called Grab. In older versions of the MacOS, it could be found in the Utilities folder under Applications. Later on, it was relocated to the Finder menu, under services. On current versions of the macOS, it has been moved as a submenu underneath the File menu and renamed to “Take Screenshot”.

You could determine the size of screen objects with Grab as well as save screenshots directly to your desktop in PDF formats or PNGs. Grab also supported timed screen captures and marquee selections.

10 Best Screen Recorder For Mac (2019)

  1. Cloud App

cloudapp - best screen recorder for mac

CloudApp is a multiplatform application that is available for Mac, iOS and Chrome. It can be downloaded from the website, the Chrome Web Store or the Apple Store. It comes with many pricing packages that include an option for you that is free. The free version allows you to create and share videos, Gifs, and screenshots.  Its the best screen recorder for mac.

  1. Greenshot

greenshot - best screen recording software mac

If you’re looking for a more refined and advanced option for taking screenshots on a Mac computer, Greenshot is your best bet. Not only does it come with your standard tools for screen grabbing but it also has OCR capabilities. Greenshot also allows users to take screenshots of entire web pages .

You can highlight, annotate and obfuscate any part of your screenshot. It’s free for Windows but they may charge you a small fee from the Apple Store its the second best screen recording software mac in our list.

  1. Snipping Tool ++

snipping tool ++

Snipping Tool ++ is a free and easy to use recording software for mac. It allows you to take screenshots of specific online pages and since it’s written in the Java programming language, it requires the Java Runtime Environment to run. It’s completely free though and even has an image editing tool for quick edits.

  1. LightShot

lightshot - best screen capture software

LightShot is an alternative snipping tool for Mac and Windows.  It features some of the fastest ways you can take a customizable screenshot. Its having a simple and intuitive user interface which allows you to select any part of your desktop and take its screenshot using a two-button combination.

LightShot also comes with a powerful but easy to use image editor so you don’t have to edit your screenshot in another application. If you’re looking for how to take a screenshot on a Mac, look no further than LightShot.

  1. Snagit

snagit - best mac screen recorder

Snagit is another wonderful snipping tool with support for both Windows and Mac. Not only does it allow you to take screenshots, but it also comes with intricate tools for editing images and recording videos. Snagit is a worthy alternative and replacement to Grab. Its the best screen capture software and placed at 6th position in our list.

  1. Snip

snip - free video recording software

Snip is a screen capture application made exclusively for Macs. You can find it on the Apple app store. It allows you to capture active Windows or custom areas. You can zoom in and out of screenshots while you’re taking them. It also allows you to add labels, texts, or handwritten notes to your screenshots.

  1. JShot

jshot - best screen recorder mac

JShot is a screen capture application that allows you to screen grab and annotate a screenshot before either saving it or sharing it via the web or an IM client on the fly. It’s pretty versatile because it can help you capture entire screens or just custom rectangular chunks.

JShot works for Windows and Mac computers. If you want to know how to screenshot on Mac and share it quickly without a hassle, we’d recommend JShot for you.

  1. Free Screen Recorder for Mac

free screen recorder mac

Don’t let the name fool you, not only does this app allow you to record your screen but it also has a screen capture tool. In terms of screen recording, what makes this application useful is it allows you to record visuals from your desktop screen and sound from your microphone. It saves your recorded outputs in a high-quality MP4 video format. It’s completely free for Mac computers.

  1. Skitch

skitch - screen recording app for mac

Skitch is a cross-platform screenshot owned by Evernote. You may know Evernote for their popular To-do List and note taking application. Skitch allows you to take custom screenshots of your desktop, using a crosshair snipping tool. Skitch comes with a simple and easy to use built-in image editing tool that allows you to edit your screenshot after taking it.

  1. Snappy

snappy - snap software for mac

Last but definitely not least on our list, comes Snappy. Snappy has received recognition from publications like App Storm and Engadget. Snappy is a feature-rich snipping tool that’s geared towards taking notes. It allows you to sort, organize and tag your screenshots in a very easy to use user interface. You can use it to share snaps directly to your social media accounts, directly from the application.


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