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The Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS (2019)

The Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS (2019) – “Words are wind” – If you’ve read George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire or watched Game of Thrones, you’re bound to have come across this adage. Isn’t it funny how especially poignant it is when we’re using it in reference to our New Year’s resolutions? If you believe the media, Millennials have brought about the death of many industries, unfortunately, the New Year resolution making factory isn’t one of those. It’s 2019 and we’re still making and breaking resolutions. The problem (with most of us) is we approach resolutions with an air of wishful thinking when we should be looking at them as goals.

To make a goal official you have to note it down and plan how you’re going to achieve it. Technology makes planning and scheduling a whole lot easier. If you work on multiple devices, you can get a good task list app that synchronizes between all devices. A lot of good to-do list applications even have reminders and alarms to help you keep track of your goals and tasks on schedule. We’ve decided to help you out once again and compile a list of the best to-do list applications of 2019 so you have an even greater chance of achieving this year’s resolutions.

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Top 10 Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS (2019)

  1. Todoist

todoist - to do list

What makes Todoist special is its karma point system. The more items you tick off, the more karma points you get and the more karma levels you achieve. This gives users greater incentive to get things done and mark items off their list. All novelty aside, the karma system isn’t the only reason that Todoist stands head and shoulder above most to-do list applications.

It has an easy to use themeable user interface. It allows you to group your tasks in a set of projects and it also gives you custom views to check when certain tasks are due. Todoist will also email you and notify you on your phone for when certain tasks are due. You can also assign a priority to each task in addition to when it should be completed by.

Todoist is great for companies as well as individuals. Unfortunately, it’s not completely free. Some of Todoist’s advanced features like automatic backups, comments on tasks and extra active projects require you to subscribe to Todoist Premium which cost you $29 a year.

It has versions for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as iOS, Android and Windows phone. It also has browser extensions and a web app that can be accessed from any browser.

Android | iOS

  1. Wunderlist

wunderlist - to-do list

The next entry on our list is a tentative one. Back in June 2015, Microsoft acquired 6Wunderkinder, the company which created Wunderlist. In 2017 Microsoft announced that sooner or later it would discontinue Wunderlist in favor of Microsoft To-Do. With that being said, at the moment Wunderlist is still functional. Users who opt to use it won’t lose their data when it’s shutdown, they’ll simply be able to migrate to To-Do. As a matter of fact, if you’re currently using Wunder List as your main checklist app, you can migrate to Microsoft To-Do at any time that you want to.

With Wunderlist you can create lists and share them with other users. You can also add reminders, assignees subtasks, comments, files, and notes. You can also use Mail to WunderList, a feature that allows you to email tasks to Wunderlist to add them to your Wunderlist account. Wunderlist is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Windows phone. It also has extensions and add-ons for web browsers as well. The basic version is free while Wunderlist Pro will cost you $49.99.

Android | iOS

  1. Google Tasks

google tasks - best todo list apps

Google Tasks is a relatively new player in the field. It’s a welcomed addition to the G-Suite and it works seamlessly with Gmail. You can see an overview of your Google tasks as a side panel when you access Gmail from the web. Google Tasks has a minimalistic user interface that synchronizes its theme between devices.

It also allows you to manage tasks you’ve added through your calendar or email. You can break your tasks down to subtasks and set reminders as well. Google Tasks is very easy to use and it has versions for Android, Microsoft Windows as well as iOS. It’s also completely free and can be accessed from a web application.

Android | iOS

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  1. Microsoft To-Do

best to do list app - microsoft to-do

Another relatively new entry in our list of the best to do list apps is Microsoft’s To-Do. As previously mentioned, it’s the intended successor to Wunderlist. To-Do has all of Wunderlist’s features and more. To-Do put extra emphasis on planning each day out with the My Day feature. It encourages you to intricately plan each day out. It also has smart suggestions that help task creation go along faster. You can also color code and label your lists as well as add notes to each task. To-Do also has Outlook integration that allows you to view your tasks on your Outlook desktop client or on the website.

You can get To-Do on Android, Windows, and iOS. Microsoft also gives you a web app that allows you to view your tasks from any web browser. To-Do is completely free.

Android | iOS

  1. Evernote

evernote - todo list

In terms of cross-device synchronized note-taking, Evernote is a pioneer. What also makes Evernote special is the sheer number of ways it allows people to take notes. They can be in formatted text, web pages, photographs, voice notes or handwritten ink notes. Notes can also contain file attachments. What Evernote offers is a digital scrapbooking app that has to do list functionality.

Notes and task lists can be sorted into notebooks. They can also be annotated, tagged and exported. For the most part, Evernote is free but if you want more options like offline access to your notes, you have to pay for the premium version, which cost you $70 a year.

Android | iOS


any do - to do list apps is another popular task list application but one that definitely deserves its entry on our list. Like many of the other entries on this list, it’s a cross-platform application that allows you to create, edit and delete tasks. You can also share assigned task. It also has voice input and it includes integration with Siri and Amazon Echo. also has predictive text through its Auto-suggest feature. It also has real-time synchronization across all the user’s devices.

Like most task list applications, the standard version of Any.Do is free but it also offers a premium version that costs $27 annually. Any.Do is available for Android, Windows, and iOS. The app provide a lot of giveaways & offers time to time which will help you in making money with the app too.

Android | iOS

  1. TickTick

ticktick app

TickTick is another well-known and beloved task management application. Not only does TickTick allow you to take notes and tasks, but it also allows you to track your progress through the profile feature which gives you statistics in the form of graphs. Since TickTick is a multi-platform application, it also allows you to sync data across your devices.

TickTick has some of the most sophisticated repeat features. It also allows you to share your task lists with other people. TickTick has a simple and easy to use interface that is present in all versions of the applications. It has apps for Android, Windows, and iOS. TickTick is definitely one of the best to do list apps.

Android | iOS

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  1. Ike

lke app

Ike was inspired by President Eisenhower’s organizational skills. It’s based on his priority matrix. Its main emphasis is on precedence and urgency. You can manage your tasks according to their importance through intuitive gestures. It also gives you the option to add due dates and location reminders. You can also add multimedia elements to your tasks like images and audio.

The app’s interface is colorful and playful. You can actually add custom animations that are triggered when a task or goal is marked off. Ike is completely free for Android devices. There’s a pro version that comes packed with a bunch of extra features and it only costs a once off payment of $2.


  1. Habitica

habitica app

While Todoist only adds subtle gamification, Habitica shoots for the gusto and completely gamifies your entire to-do list experience. It adopts the mechanics of an RPG game. You create a custom avatar and enter in your daily goals, and your To-Do list. When you check items off your list, you earn experience points and gold which can be used to level your avatar up. You can also purchase features such as armor, skills, pets and actual quests.

Habitica is available as an online web application. It also has apps for Android and iOS devices. It’s completely free but it offers in-app purchases.

Android | iOS

  1. Bear

bear app

Further up in this list, we introduced you to an application that is exclusive to Android. Well, Bear is the opposite, it’s exclusive to iOS devices. It also has a version for macOS. Bear allows you to take notes as well as create to-do list type tasks. It has a shortcut bar for one tap formatting. You can also group and label your lists using hashtags. Bear also includes keyword highlights which makes it easier to search for your notes.

Bear is free but syncing across your devices requires you to subscribe to the pro version which requires an annual payment of $15.


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Another day, another list. Hopefully, this list can get you into creating more lists for yourself. What better way is there to get organized? I’m sure you can find a few and if you can and do, please share them with us down in the comment section. As always, please share this article if you’ve found it useful. Thank you for reading.

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