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5 Best Torrent Search Engines Of 2019 (100% Working)

5 Best Torrent Search Engines Of 2019 (100% Working) – Torrents are highly popular and well-known online file sharing protocols which function by effectively establishing peer-to-peer connections amongst users of this program.

The most active torrent engine among users today is BitTorrent and utorrent search engine.

What Is The Meaning Of Torrent?

A Torrent is any media file sent by utilizing the BitTorrent protocol. Torrenting is basically when two or more computers share a file over peer to peer networks. Mainly, these computers exchange data to and from one another. While a copy of the file you are downloading is incoming, you are at the same time uploading parts of that particular file which you already have to any other user(s) who are downloading also.

Sadly, this technology has a continuous association in the public eye as an illegal means of acquiring bootlegged copies of movies, music, software, as well as other digital media.

Although it is a fact that most software pirates rely heavily on both BitTorrent and utorrent, there also exists a large number of legitimate ways you can use torrenting. Therefore the landscape for this platform has been very controversial.

Many Copyright owners have waged an active war against some publicly hosted torrent search engines; as a result, other sites have developed remarkable tenacity as they persistently reboot themselves to cope with the numerous legal attacks.

Did You Know?

There is also a legal side to using torrent for downloads.

Yes, Torrents has a continuous association with piracy; however, not many individuals are aware that the protocol – BitTorrent – also has its legitimate uses where one can download .torrent files directly from their official sites.

By using Torrent servers or websites, one can expect a wide range of pros and cons; users can acquire any content free of charge whether or not it is banned from the country of the user.

By torrenting, you can also share media files with the entire world within a short period from any location via the internet.

Also, incoming Torrent speeds can sometimes reach speeds of more than 1.5Mbps (megabits per second).

What makes Torrenting genuinely unique is that users may not only download files directly from their original seeder, they can also download large portions from other users (peers) as well. All while making sure that the user’s original downloaded documents or files will never be exchanged or adversely affected.

However, some downsides experienced include some torrent files containing viruses.

Download and upload speeds of torrents are sometimes quite frustrating and slow even with a decent internet provider: this is due to global traffic on available torrent servers.

As is usually the case when it comes to prohibition, immediately one brand is taken down, another name arises; this is the exact situation surrounding torrent search engines right now. Any high profile takedown leaves a vacuum begging to be occupied, and many operators will be more than willing to oblige.

A large number of these operators appear to be legitimate, while some others aren’t. When the takedown of KickassTorrents happened, a fake website called KAT emerged in 2016. To further complicate things, another different version of KAT showed up later which was legitimate. Be careful about trusting replacement websites when a torrent website is taken down.

In this post, I will go beyond current trends in today’s torrent search engine industry and offer you some pointers toward the safest and most reliable websites.

Best Torrent Search Engines

The fact is full disclosure “torrent search engines” is an unsuitable term. Most torrent websites existing today serve as hosts for the torrent seed file, with a searchable itinerary of what is available on the site.

However, we are bowing to tradition on this one since most of us have become accustomed to calling most searchable repositories of data “search engines.”

Even though streaming is trending nowadays, torrent search engines remain quite popular.

While TPB (The Pirate Bay) was for long periods, the undisputed leader when it comes to torrent engines, it looks like the most visited search engines since the beginning of 2019, have been YTS (Yify torrents) and 1337x.

The Pirate Bay’s decline is due to constant connectivity issues and downtime over the past few months. It remains a default torrent domain for many faithful users when it is available, so it would not be surprising if the website regains its dominant lead in the coming months.


The Yiffy group’s torrent engine does third-party rebranding of favorite movie releases.

While these rebranding acts were banned on most other torrent engines, YTS’s methods have only made the domain more popular than before.

2. 1337X

1337x’s BitTorrent and utorrent search engine are fast becoming a constant presence on our list for several years now. It is maintained by a committed group of file up-loaders who have a knack for providing fresh content for their visitors. In spite of existing ISP blockades across many countries, it continues to thrive.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, torrent search engine, turned 15 in 2018. TPB is the oldest torrent domain in our list. If we kept track all the traffic from torrent engines it would most likely remain on top; however, due to connectivity problems and frequent downtime, it is now placed third on our list.

4. Torrentz2

The Torrentz2 utorrent search engine was initially launched as a replacement for the initial website, which voluntarily went offline in 2016. It is one of the copycat websites I mentioned earlier in this article; however, it seems to be an authentic phoenix, rising from its ashes. I used to visit Torrentz every day until it shut down. This all-new torrent search engine feels and looks the same though. Input your search item, hit ENTER or SEARCH then browse the results generated. It is quick and has more than 61 million torrents indexed across the internet.

5. TorrentsMe is an example of a torrent engine worth your while. It gives users the option of excluding or including specified torrent sites while searching and works fast. Although it is not the most aesthetic looking website on the internet, it can still get the job done effectively. Its generation of search results is excellent; it also indexes many of the larger utorrent search engines. 

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In Conclusion

The vast majority of media files obtained from these utorrent search engines will likely be legitimate with no unwanted surprises. Unfortunately, one can never quite tell which file is safe and which isn’t until it becomes too late. Be sure to scan every file downloaded via bit torrent before using. It only takes you a couple of seconds but may eventually save hours and costs of computer repairs.

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