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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Of 2019

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Of 2019 – Torrent sites being greater repositories for file sharing, the interesting fact about torrenting is the ability to lay your hands on tons of files you might be struggling to find or not even found anywhere else on the net.

One fundamental norm about torrent sites is the fact that their lists keep getting updated, because their links always keep getting clamped down by authorities or ISPs (Internet service providers) and so do the URLs keep changing, just to stay in-service.

I won’t be reluctant in stating some key instances, where every torrent enthusiast is well aware of:

On May 17, 2017, Extratorrent’s original site was closed down.

On July 2016, the piratebay was also brought down.

The above two instances among hundreds of other cases were somewhat considered a menace to both the torrent users as well as the authors.

With legal decisions and frequent shutdown, torrent sites hardly maintain a permanent domain name or address.

This article is crafted in such a way that you will have an edged listening to the top few or what I rather call the Top 10 Best Torrent Sites for torrent download in 2019.

Without much ado, let’s dive in for the real deal.

10 Best Torrent Sites Of 2019 For Downloading Torrents

1. The Pirate Bay

Running on it’s original domain name i.e “”, The Pirate Bay is clocking a 16 years operational anniversary, and has attained an Alexa Rank of up to 289 earlier this year.

The Pirate Bay whose name is usually shortened as “TPB” has made name and impact from the collection and hosting of diverse file types, ranging from Software and games across different platforms, songs and podcasts,  to TV shows and dow to torrent movie download etc.

What I love about The Pirate bay apart from the reach someone will get in having lots of files from the repository, is it’s easier navigation and simpler user interface (UI) which hasn’t been compromised for years.

While The Pirate Bay may be blocked in certain locations or regions including yours, Proxy and Mirror sites may come to your rescue to get it unlocked for you to surf.

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However, to stay on a safer side while maintaining anonymity and precision, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is recommended.

A safer download feature that allows you to always count on uploaders is available within The Pirate Bay’s “VIP/trusted” icon that presents a unique security feel for the users.

2. (

It is indeed no longer a hear-say that YTS (also known as YIFY) is taking it’s lead over the well known Pirate Bay, this had been more obvious earlier this year. to be precise has been the unofficial successor to and i can say; it is doing good in the torrent industry as they keep getting more and more visitors even higher than the torrent’s giant i.e the pirate bay.

YTS ranks 185 in alexa and not without having a great UI that features a search bar in the home page.

Even with the real benefits the out-torrent sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are offering, YTS also stands a formidable chance of getting it’s Loyal users an opportunistic torrent movie download.

3. 1337x

1337x is my favourite, even though it’s not the best but I’m still fond of it. It ranks 246 on Alexa with over 2 million torrents (and counting) ranging from softwares, games, musics, ebooks categories and up to movies and TV series etc.

Although, this site doesn’t work with the tor browser, but a portion of 1337x was believed to be sighted on the darknet even though the report hasn’t been clarified if at all it was a clone or mirror of the real site.

When it comes to good user experience with splendid User Interface, i bet 1337x spent heavily on it and this is why the site has properly aligned and neatly designed contents.

4. Rarbg

The real torrent lovers knew about this site especially with the increased publicity, so i believe you do as well.

Even with a recognisable drop in their Alexa Rank (328), RARBG is still a hotcake.

Apart from being a repository that’s full of softwares across different range of platforms, games, musics, ebooks and movies, if you are that kind of a person that love watching movie trailers, then RARBG is definitely for you in advance.

Here are some things I dislike about RARBG:

I’ve never been in love with the look of the site because I think it is old fashioned, but I guess our perception may differ and so you might take a look to see that for yourself.

Secondly, their advertisements were like hell to me.

Yeah! these are all disadvantages but guess what?

RARBG is way cooler than many torrent websites, so have a look at it and spot whether you perceive RARBG the same way i did or not at all.

5. Torrentz2

Apart from maintaining 525 Alexa ranking, I won’t get to display all the gossips i have pertaining to this awesome torrent site but let me do a pinky swear; “you will love that you ever checked this site out”.

6. EZTV (

Another one in the list of Top torrent sites, worth your time is EZTV. With Alexa Rank of 1,276, the site is fast growing and gaining more publicity especially with the fact that their visitors keep coming back for more and more torrents.

7. Limetorrents

Our list will indeed become inconclusive if at all we didn’t mention Limetorrents.

On Alexa, it ranks 967 and have reach to diverse file categories, these include Animes, games, softwares, TV series and movies etc.

Limetorrents are serious about the quality of the files they host and this is why they make it easier for you to locate a verified torrent by a simple star badge placement.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is indeed just gaining publicity, but it is what I will likely give a rising star medal.

With the Alexa Rank of 1,764, Zooqle fell into our best torrent sites for torrent download in 2019.

With Zooqle, tons of torrent movie download among other regular files such as applications, and musics are at your reach.

9. TorrentsMe

With Alexa Rank of 4,936, drew my attention and that was what made me have a thought of fitting it into these best torrent websites in 2019 for torrent download.

This site has a unique feature that makes it to stand out from the crowd and this is basically it’s ability to connect you to the best torrent sites for torrent download in a categorical order. This made it seem more of a torrent search engine.

10. TorLock

If not for the lack of popularity and other minor issues such as the ranking factor (having 5,561 ranking on Alexa), TorLock wouldn’t have been on our tenth list, but anywhere above.

A decent interface that makes it look great amongst even the largest and best torrent websites is what made TorLock a great torrent resource.


Now that we’ll be wrapping up, you might be wondering if the list will actually be conclusive without the likes of Isohunt and Extratorrent.

Well, the domain names behind those sites haven’t been genuinely testified as having anything to do with the original sites that have been shut down.

With this, we didn’t want to run our list up with clones.

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