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Best Wow Addons – 10 Essential Addons For World Of Warcraft

The 10 Best Addons For World Of Warcraft – Best WoW Addons – WoW’s cultural and social impact cannot be argued or contended with. Not many games have had the same post new millennium influence that World of Warcraft has had. No other MMORPG can contend with its consistent popularity and longevity. WoW has a religion-like following but at its core, it is just a game. We know to say that is near sacrilege but we are saying this to remind you that games are imperfect.

Yes, World of Warcraft has made a lot of improvements over its relatively long life but improvement is a journey, not a destination. Perfection is supposedly improvement’s terminus. One of the best things about PC gaming is nearly every game has a great community of modders who are constantly working on Mods and hacks to improve your gaming experience. World of Warcraft is no different. So once again, we’ve decided to compile a list of the very best wow addons to help you get closer to gaming perfection on World of Warcraft.

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Top 10 Best Wow Addons List 2019

  1. Bartender 4

bartender 4

Bartenders 4 is one of the best WoW UI mods for organizing and customizing your action bars. The problem with hot/action bars is they tend to be fixed, small and lack any real detail. Bartender 4 gives you a way to control the way your action bars look and behave. This includes the ability to control their size, position and opacity. You can even create custom macros to change the state of your action bars. We highly recommend this WoW addon for gamers who are new to WoW.

  1. Quest Completeist

Quest Completeist

Are you a grinder or a completionist? If yes, then you’ll really appreciate this add-on. Quest Completist catalogs and lists every single quest in the game. If you enter a new zone, it can be consulted to see which quests are available in that area. It will also give you quest details such as what objectives need to be completed in order to succeed in that quest. You can also check out the quests for opposing forces, other classes, and professions.  It’s definitely one of the very best WoW addons, particularly for obsessive gamers with FOMO.

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  1. Bagnon

bangon - best wow addons

What most gamers complain about when it comes to WoW’s user interface, is its near shambolic inventory system. Instead of having a single store or inventory, you have separate bags to store all the stuff you find along your journey. If you’re tired of dealing with that then Bagnon is the WoW mod for you. It replaces the entire inventory window with a single large bag that displays all your items.

If you have multiple characters, it gives you a centralized inventory to view all your items, even if they are banked. It also highlights your items by type. Bagnon also has search functionality to help you find specific items faster. You can also group and sort your items using a number of different criteria. Because of its convenience and features, it’s definitely one of the best WoW UI AddOns.

  1. Auctioneer

auctioneer wow addon

If you’re looking for a way to sell off items in WoW, there’s no better way than visiting the auction house. Auctioneer makes your auction house experience a little easier. It appraises items and gives you an idea of how much you should be selling them for. It also tracks your bidding, postings, and mail.

There’s also support for enchanting. There are figures available for disenchantment as well as selling enchantments as well. If you’re a WoW capitalist who enjoys a good bid or two, give this mod a shot.

  1. Deadly Boss Mods

deadly boss mode

This is one of the most popular World of Warcraft mods. In fact, it’s the most downloaded add-on for WoW on Curse. What it essentially does is alert you to everything you need to know about a dungeon while you’re in one. During Boss Fights it will alert you of dangerous attacks and give you simple instructions and advice.

It also has a feature that sends auto-replies to in-game messages while you’re in a boss fight. The add-on is pretty customizable and it interacts with other people of your party who also have the add-on installed. It’s a great add-on to have for those really hard boss fights.

  1. MoveAnything

move anything addon

If you’re looking for complete user interface customization, this add-on is was made for you. As the name suggests, MoveAnything allows you to…move anything. It allows you to adjust every single aspect of the user interface. It gives you complete control over components such as your action bars, your minimap location, your quest list, portrait location etc. Great for gamers who want to implement some virtual Feng shui.

  1. Rarity

rarity addon wow

Rarity makes it easier for you to track, find and earn rare item drops. Trying to find rare items can be extremely frustrating, rarity makes it a little easier for you by tracking how many times you have tried to obtain them. It will tell you the odds of how likely you are to obtain the item, track how long you’ve been farming for and you how you’ve been so far.

Although it’s largely specialized for battle pets, mounts, and toys, it supports pretty much any items including profession patterns, archaeology projects and more.

  1. NPCScan

npc scan, best world of warcraft addons

Meeting NPCs in World of Warcraft takes a bit of luck and chance. It’s like meeting good friends in the real world, but unlike the real world, there’s an add-on that can help you meet useful and key NPCs in WoW.  NPC scan takes the randomness out of the game by scanning nameplates and minimal vignettes.

It even scans targets that you hover your mouse over. Once you’ve found the NPC, an on-screen alert is displayed with an audio alert emphasizing your discovery. This add-on is definitely worth the download, especially if you’re looking to experience all the content a zone has to offer.

  1. HandyNotes

handy notes

WoW has a decent map but it could be better. HandyNotes allows you to create simple notes as you go along. These notes can be attached to areas of your WoW map. They’re very convenient for noting down secret passages or entrances. They’re also great for journalizing some of your other experiences with WoW. It’s a simple add-on but a welcomed one none the less.

  1. Titan Panel

titan panel wow addon

Some of the greatest and most successful inventions are the simplest. Look at toilet paper for instance. Titan panel adds a toolbar to the top your which show how much experience you’ve earned during your session and how long until you level up again. It also provides information about how much gold you have. In addition to in-game information, it also tells you how well the game is actually running by providing you with details about the FPS, bandwidth and the amount of memory being used by the game. A great addition to any gamers user interface.

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Final Word

Remember, in order to download and install these best world of warcraft addons, you need to Twitch app. It gives you easy access to a market place where most of the WoW addons we’ve discussed on this list can be accessed. It also makes managing your add-ons extra easy. With that being said, I hope you’ve found this article to be useful. Please share if you’ve enjoyed it and as always, thank you for taking the time to read it.

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