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Best WOW Private Servers | Top World Of Warcraft Servers

WoW private Servers, a connection which lets you do anything that you want. The private servers mimic the action of the servers so that you can do anything in it. But first, it’s important to understand the World Of Warcraft private servers.

What Are WoW Private Servers?

A WOW private server is a server which doesn’t run on the Blizzards. A private server works in a way that, you sent any of the information of the client and it further sends the information to the servers. If the server accepts the request and reply you with all good, then you are lucky, you can execute the code. This way you can give your own commands on the vanilla wow private server. Moreover, you can even change the scenarios of the map. You can boost up the character level easily either by changing the scenarios or with the help of the cheat codes. Yes! You can execute the cheat codes in the best wow private server. The story doesn’t end here, on a private server, you can even make the stages easier for you. You can focus the complete game over your roleplay and much more.

What happens is, that with a private server, you are able to modify the code behind the scene of the game. This way, you can modify the code any way you want and then it turns out to be an amazing experience. You can double your experience or you can change the settings of the drop rates of the items.

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There are different rumors about playing on the private servers like what if they are illegal and banned. But the fact is that nobody knows what would happen if Blizzards found that you have been playing on a private network other than them. This is because that Blizzards holds rights for all the code and the scenarios that you are willing to modify when it comes to the game.

In this article, you would know about the best WOW private servers and the rest of the information about it. You can choose among any of these best WoW Private servers so that you can play your own cards in the game.

6 Best Wow Private Servers (World of Warcraft Private Server) Lists

1. Warname-Outland

This is one of the best world of warcraft private server. The tag behind the server is the Burning Crusade Private Servers. This server is great because of its gameplay and the modified scenarios. The Avg. pop of the server is 5000 plus. The style of the scenario or the map is alike the Blizzlike.

The language of the Map is English and the rates is X5. Moreover, the type of the map is the PVP and don’t forget about the shop. The shop of the Warname-Outland has Characters, Gold, Levels, and Gear.

2. Warname-Icecrown

Another brilliant WOW Private server, the Warname-Icecrown has the Wotlk Private servers behind it. The scenario of the server is not much modified in comparison to the original gameplay, but still, you would come across some of the modifications. Be it the level up thing or the use of the cheat codes, the map has everything that adds up to more fun. The avg. pop of the map is 5000+ meanwhile the style is like the Blizzlike.

The map has the language English so that most of the people around the world can understand the map. The rates of the map is X7 which is a great number. Moreover, the type of the map is the PVP one. You would find different things in the shop like the characters, Gold, Levels, and Gear. So you can get equipped with the server and enjoy all that modified gaming.

3. Light’s Hope-Northdale

Light’s hop northdale is another modified scenario in the list of the best wow private servers. The map is hosted by the Vanilla Wow Private servers. World Of Warcraft Private Server is considered as one of the favorite server providers, this is because of the level of adventure they add up to the maps. Talking about the Light’s hope Northdale, then the map stands pretty good in the list.

The map has Avg. Pop of 5000+, which is same as the previous networks. The style of the scenario is like Bizzlike. The language of the map in English so that more people can join with the game and the rates is 7X. The scenario adds up the fun because it is type PVP. One of the factors that lack in the scenario is the shop. The map doesn’t have a shop in it.

4. Wow-Lordaeron

The map is amazing because of the gameplay that it provides to the players. The map is hosted by the Wotlk private servers and is one of the favourite modification of the players. The reason behind the success of the server is its sleekness in the modifications. The avg pop of the scenario is the 2500-500. The style of the map is the same as the other maps which is Bizzlike.

The language of the map is English which is all time favorite. The rate that the map has is X1. Alike the previous maps or the scenarios, the type of this map is PVP too. Talking about the shop in the middle then the map has a shop which has the characters and the gold. The overall experience of the map is brilliant and there are a lot of reasons that why the map should be chosen over the other scenarios.

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5. Wow Circle, 3.3.5a X5

Another Wotlk private servers’ server, the map is full of the modifications and the customization done turns out to be brilliant. The map has the Avg. pop of 1000-2500. The style of the map is Blizzlike which is the same as the other maps or scenarios. The only thing that you have to worry about is the language. The language of the map is Russian and you might struggle a lot understanding the language.

Well if you understand the Russian then the map has a lot of surprises for you. Also, the type of the map is the same as the other ones which is PVP. The shop of the pap also has plenty of items like Characters, Gold, Levels, and Gears. This is what makes the map stand away from everything else.

6. Dalaran-wow

This map is another map from the wotlk private servers and has done an amazing job with the customization. The reason behind the success of the map is the modification that it has. The modifications have been done in a way that it doesn’t fade up the originality of the map. Just the features in the favour of the players have been added.

This is done in order to increase the feel of the gameplay. A brilliant job is done by the creators. The avg. pop of the scenario is 1000-2500. The style of the map is the same like before that is the Blizzlike. This time, the dice is in your hands as the language of the scenario is English. The rate of the scenario is X1. The type is the same as the other maps in the list that is PVP. The shop has the levels, Items, and the vanity.

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