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Comodo Free Antivirus Review 2019

Comodo Free Antivirus Review 2019 – Do you know that any kind of virus can be devastating for your machine? It can slow down your work, prevent you from losing your data and damage the machine. Since computer is here, the requirement of antivirus is here to solve all the possible worries of it. If you are using the data connection or not, you should invest in a reliable antivirus.

There are multiple free security programs to choose from. In addition, you will find some paid versions also. As modern technology-oriented world gives you the chance to have plenty of options, these options also confuse you to choose the reliable one among the hordes. A review can help you in judging the product, knowing the features and other factors, before you invest in the product.

If you are thinking that there is no need for judging the product, when it is free, then you are mistaken. Imagine, you have installed an antivirus in excitement and after using it for a few days, you are realizing that the software is not up-to-the-mark, what will you do next? Of course, you have to opt for another one that has the capability to fulfill your requirement. A review work helps significantly to know the product and this type of hassle. Befitting with that fact, this article is going to focus on Comodo Free Antivirus review, for both who are planning to opt for this and who have already made their mind to try this.

To make it easy to read, we have included the pros and cons at the beginning. Let’s continue—


  • Highly customizable.
  • Free to use.
  • Packed with amazing features.
  • Alluring Interface.
  • Equipped with a sandbox.
  • Includes a gaming mode.


  • Suitable for home usage not for business need.
  • Initial scanning is not quick.
  • The setup file is too large and takes time to finish the download.
  • The file is loaded with various unwanted programs, which are not useful for all users.
  • Has no web filter.
  • Test results are not impressive and tested in labs rarely.
  • May have various impressive features, however, most of them need a technician to fix.

Let’s read the important points of it:

Comodo Free Antivirus : Full Review

Coverage and Package

We prefer to start the review work, with Coverage and Package point, as it plays a great role in choosing the reliable product. If you mistakenly pick any free antivirus version that has minimum coverage, it will give you enough hassle in future. The wide-ranging splendid features make it unique among its competitors. You can easily generate the scanning process by clicking on the desktop widget or you can also check the advanced options by paying some bucks. In the premium versions, the benefits are more and complex to manage. The Comodo Antivirus Free comes at free of cost and you can enjoy the live 24*7 support by spending $39.99 per year. The premium version gives you some amazing benefits, like-

  • Live 24*7 support.
  • Firewall support.
  • Complete virus and malware protection for PCs.
  • Prevent intruders from running your computer.
  • Online shopping protection.


Comodo Free Antivirus has no impressive protection results, to claim high-class protection power. However, AV-Test Lab has tested the Comodo Internet Security Premium and the result is amazing, trustworthy.

Over a few months, test results are quite impressive and have highlighted some major issues. In 2016, the test results proved that the security can protect the machine 95% from virus, while, in the next year the percentage dropped surprisingly.

In addition, 2018 tests are saying it is efficient in taking care of possible malware attacks and gives 100% malware protection to PCs. The results are may be confusing for the users, however, it will not be a loss, if you install it and enjoy the protection, as it is free to use.

Installation and Support

The Comodo Antivirus Free is easy to download from web. According to the Yahoo! Users, the installing procedure was not swift as it was in chrome. Do not let the software to change the default browser setting, as it does not have any precise support for the browser and its security setting. Comodo has more components to give the user the best experience with it, like- Comodo’s Dragon Browser to set up the software easily. The setup process takes a little longer than usual and the post-installation scan was also far away from a quick speedy process.

For the free version, they don’t have any technical service. You can go through the FAQs section on their website to solve your queries.


It has a pretty interface to attract more users. You can use the software with the latest appearance or the previous look, according to your preference. Just go to the setting option and select the former appearance of the security option to enjoy the older look. If you are already a Comodo user or love the software, then you will surely love the classic theme rather than the modern one.

The classic theme (Lycia theme) is light and charming. The long panel at the left side of the display looks cool with the combination of green colour when you are protected. This happy look turns into red to alert your virus attacks. There is a rectangular panel, which occupies most of the window. You can easily scan the machine from this panel, check updates, use the sandbox and unblock the application, which is blocked by Comodo’s components. You may love the Arcadia theme, which is quite similar to the Lycia.

Final Words

It has some amazing protection features, however, all these features need a skilled person to set up. If you are a novice person, then you will not be able to enjoy these features. This option can be taken as a basic protector.

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