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Dropbox Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services Like Dropbox

Dropbox Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services 2019 – These days it has become very easy to access all your files including, photos and videos etc. by using any cloud service. So, when it comes to the cloud service providers, Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage platform. It is an easy to use platform that allows you to upload your data to the cloud and you can access that from anywhere.

As it is a very famous cloud platform but it also has some drawbacks as it only offers 2 GB storage for free and also the data you upload is not encrypted. So, there are chances that anyone can access your data. So, you may need to know some Dropbox Competitors. Here you will be finding the 10 best Dropbox alternatives that you can use to upload your data to the cloud:

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10 Best Dropbox Alternatives & Similar Sites For Cloud Storage

1. Tresorit

tresorit - alternatives to dropbox

This is the first alternative to Dropbox in our list. The reason is, it offers services that are better than Dropbox. When you upload any data to the cloud, you don’t want anyone to access that data without your permission. Tresorit is best in such situations as the data you will upload using the cloud services of Tresorit, will be encrypted and no one can access to that data. So, it is one of the securest cloud storage platforms as anyone can only get access to your files when you give them the password to unlock the encryption.

2. Google Drive

google drive

It is one of the most-used cloud platforms by Google that is similar to Dropbox. For personal use, this is the best platform. It is very easy to use Google Drive and also it offers plans that are much better than Dropbox. Moreover, Dropbox only offers 2 GB of free space but Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space. So it is far more than the Dropbox. Google Drive also offers some more features like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Calendars etc.

3. OneDrive

one drive - dropbox alternative

This is also a well-known cloud platform by Microsoft. It has many features that are similar to Dropbox. You can get access to all your uploaded data from any device easily. Just like Google Drive, it offers 15 GB of free space and if you need more space, you can buy more. The plans are very flexible. Moreover, if you buy more space, you will get access to the Office Suite for free with this. So, it is a better choice, especially for the ones who use the Microsoft Office a lot. Google also has the same services, but as we know, Microsoft office is unbeatable.

4. Box


Another one of the best alternatives to Dropbox. It offers all the features that a cloud platform should have. The main focus of this cloud platform is on the Businesses. This is different from the other cloud platforms as it integrates with many other third-party apps to help you in many ways. For example, it supports Microsoft Suite, so you can easily edit all your documents online. Moreover, with the Office 365 integration, you can work on any documents with your teammates in real time and also you can chat with them. Box listed 4th in the list of best Dropbox Competitors.

5. Sync

sync also offers the services like Dropbox but is way better than Dropbox. The reason is, just like the Tresorit, it also keep your files secured and even the hosts can see your uploaded files. And compared to Tresorit, is very easy to use and also offers collaboration which Tresorit doesn’t. Moreover, you can grant different access permissions for different members as there are many chances when you don’t want everybody to access all the information.

6. Mega


It is also a very popular cloud platform. It is best for those who are looking for more storage space for free as it offers 50 GB of free space. So, it can be considered as one of the best free drop box alternatives. Also, Mega provides end-to-end encryption, means that your uploaded data is totally safe. Along with that, you can also get access to the collaboration feature, which in most of the cloud platform is unavailable. So, if you want more storage space for free use Mega. Ranked 6th in the list of Dropbox Competitors.

7. pCloud


When you are looking for a cloud platform that can secure all your data easily, then pCloud can be your best choice. With the free or paid plans, you can get full security and no one can see your data without your permission. The plans of pCloud are very affordable. Moreover, you can choose the plans according to the requirements of the features.

8. Jottacloud


When you are looking for unlimited cloud storage, Jottacloud is best. It offers only two plans, free and paid. In the free plan, you can get 5 GB of free space and in the paid plan, you will get unlimited storage space. So, it is best for the people or companies who are looking for unlimited cloud storage.  Everything on your device will be synced automatically and you don’t need to create a separate folder for Jottacloud. So, it saves the space in your device too.

9. Team Drive


TeamDrive is also a best Dropbox alternative as it offers free space of 5 GB which compared to Dropbox is more. You can upload all your data to it and no one can see that data without your permission. You can get access to all your data from any device with internet. It also has a collaboration feature.

10. SpiderOakOne

spideroak - dropbox alternatives for cloud storage

This is also one of the best websites like Dropbox that mainly focuses on securing your data and in the list of huge Dropbox Competitors. It also has an end-to-end feature. The Spider Oak One is mainly used by the businesses so it has a higher price compared to the others. To check the services of this cloud platform, you can get a 21-days free trial in which you will get 250 GB of storage. Plans are flexible. You can get 5000 GB for $25 per month.

So, this is our list of free alternatives to Dropbox, just go through all and start using the websites for cloud storage that suits more to your requirements.

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