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Fortnite Chests – A Complete Guide To Fortnite Chest Info

Fortnite Chests – A Complete Guide To Fortnite Chest Info – Fortnite map is quite vast with so many places to land but it is very important to be sure of the place before you put your step on it. Your landing decides the inventory, the weapons, the ammos and a lot more things for your game going forward. You never want to be without any arms for long. And having such wide variety of places to land, you can see the advantages of landing on each location. Popular locations, crowded locations or the secluded ones, your strategy has to be firm. We are going to give you the exact fortnite chest locations to make your life on the game a little easier.

You need to consider all the aspects that others might be thinking of while planning your strategy for the game. Let’s see what tricks and tips can help you with your Fortnite Battle Royale journey. Equip yourself with weapons, medical kits and lots of ammos but do not forget to search for the best loot hidden in the fortnite chests spread out across the fortnite chest locations. Finding the loot may not be an easy task. You may need eagle eyes to spot them behind the dark and dull basements or the heedless trucks and walls.

We give you the guide which very clearly shows all the possible locations for the Fortnite chests that you could look for. In case you’re searching for chests in a certain location, you can use this as your blue print. Select any area below to get started.

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Fortnite Chest Locations & Where to Find Every Chest on The Map

Let’s have a look at the locations and their advantages in a bit detail.

  1. Dusty Divot

The industrial area with the warehouses, full of loot, was later switched with a research centre and a lot more plants to cover the entire region.

  1. Anarchy Acres

A suitable location from the fortnite map to equip your journey with extra ammos and a couple of chests. You may find them behind the northern most house, or the barns, the haystacks, the nearby houses, or inside the silos.

  1. Fatal Fields

As you move south on the fortnite battle royale map, you get to see another farm land area – Fatal Fields. If you get lucky, you find a chest of spawns. Do not forget to check all the buildings for the loot, look under the bridge to be more sure. Vehicles can also prove to be your source of inventory for chests and metals.

  1. Greasy Grove

A residential region with houses, restaurants and a gas station, not to be explored at the initial stage of the game. This place may prove to be the end of your journey.

  1. Flush Factory

Move towards the south – west, you will see another industrial area packed up with buildings. This may be the place you were looking for. You will find number of chests and loot. But remember, you are not the only one knowing all of this. Be alert. Your ultimate goal is to get  the victory royale with a good number of kills and you need good resources for that.

  1. Haunted Hills

If you want to get your hands on some decent chests, ammos and weapons, haunted hills may prove to be the best. You will easily get to find valuable resources but keep in mind, you are on the outer edge of the fortnite map and you may need to keep an eye on the shrinking circle too. Mausoleum can give you a good height to stay and poach your enemies with snipers too.

  1. Junk Junction

You can enhance your metal harvest from the junk junction too. You can locate this region in the north – west of the fortnite battle royale map.

  1. Lazy Links

The old farmhouse converted to an amazing villa retreat full of fun places like a swimming pool, a tennis court, a garage and a pier too.

  1. Lonely Lodge

The lonely lodge may sound lonely, but there is a high probability of finding a good set of inventory for your game journey. The tower is the first place to look in the lonely lodge. Also, it is a great place to be the eagle eye of the game.

  1. Loot Lake

A mansion surrounded by a lake, with up to four chests. If you can hunt down the roofs, the boats and every other area, you may be in luck. But again, this is not some place only you know about. You have to stay alert and as quiet as possible. Do not run for long. Try to make as less noise as possible. Do not engage into unnecessary fights and catch attention. Duck down while you try to cross the lake to reach the land on the other side. Try to land on the top of the chest exactly which lies outside.

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  1. Lucky Landing

A very small area with the East Asian theme and a cherry blossom right in the middle. This region may seem beautiful to land on, but you may need a lot of luck with inventory here. For a team, not everyone will be able to fill their bags. Grab a weapon as soon as possible since you are quite nearby to other players.

  1. Moisty Mire

The damp and filthy region in the south – east of the fortnite battle royale map is a good place to collect wood for your later stages, and some chests. Not a very popular place to land, thus gives you and edge to look for inventory in peace.

  1. Paradise Palms

The replacement for the moisty mire, paradise palms is a bright and hot desert with the touch of palm trees and sand.

  1. Pleasant Park

A good place to vanguard as well as inventory exhaustive. You will have to search the small houses spread out the whole region for a good loot.

  1. Retail Row

Right in the centre, and a good region to gear up yourself with weapons, and ammos. Of course the competition is way too high to be unarmed for long. And then we know the good stuff is packed up on the upper floors of the buildings. Rather then wasting time in climbing up, try to land on the roofs to get the loot in minimal time.

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  1. Risky Reels

A new location, with not as much inventory to be chosen as the first place to land.

  1. Salty Springs

As the region is in the centre of the fortnite map, you need not worry about the shrinking circle initially. And if you care to search every house, you can gear yourself up with a good loot.

  1. Shifty Shafts

As the name suggests, there are number of tunnels full of chests. Do not snipe here. Use weapons with close ranges. Tunnels can be risky to get caught too. Make sure you are alert every time.

  1. Snobby Shores

The very secret underground shelter can be accessed by the house with the flat roof. You will have to break down the floor to get inside. A good region to grab a good loot.

  1. Tilted Towers

The most popular and acted upon region by the players, tilted towers consists of very tall buildings, filled up with loot. Also, the hidden tunnel resides here. Go right by the gas station and get hands on the golden chest.

  1. Tomato Town

A very secluded area and good region to harvest the metals from the cars.

  1. Wailing Woods

Nearby to the Tomato Town and the Lonely Lodge, this is a good place to place your defence. The damaged house is not that damaged after all. It is the place you will find your ammos, the chest and other resources.

Print these fortnite chest info in your mind since these locations do not change very often. To behold the powerful loot, you should be ready for the uphill battle to stand a chance against the other players.

Having to see as there are literally hundreds of Fortnite chests location, the pre – requisite for the game is to start revising, since considering from the underground bunkers to the lookout-towers and the wooden boats to  the hedge mazes, you cannot just remember each and every location easily.

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