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Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations : Where To Find Rubber Duck Locations

Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations : Where To Find Rubber Duck Locations – An Epic Games introduction to the world of gaming, “Fortnite” is a battle game where the players play in teams or duos to survive a war against the rest of the players. This game involves combats, strategy and a lot of rules to follow. Playing single or in a team, your ultimate motive is to fight off with the creatures who appear to be like zombies. One of the popular mode of Fortnite is Fortnite Battle Royale, the multiplayer platform which is free to play too. Upto 100 players can join the game at once who complete certain tasks individually or in a team of maximum 4, and aim to be the last team standing while the battle area keeps on reducing.

What are the rubber duckies in Fortnite?

As the word spread out for Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games kept on upgrading the game with a lot of new features, tasks and challenges to keep the mystery and crazy going. With Fortnite Season 4, the game started to grow with the sound of quacking. This season upgraded with a number of Fortnite rubber duckies released into the wild. You can see a huge number of these little yellow duckies concealed away in different corners and crack where they keep on quacking. You need to look for them through these corners and cracks with the help of the quacks.

Before we move forward and start to hunt down the locations of these yellow rubber duckies, there are some things you need to keep in mind

  1. Similar to the Fortnite Season 3, the rubber duckies here makes noises like the gnomes. And if you feel you can hear the sound, take the hint that you are close by and hunt it down.
  2. Since they are ducks, you know where to find them. “Somewhere near the water”. Look for the rivers and lakes or the pools or baths. There are a total of Nineteen rubber duckies spread out the whole map but in order to complete your challenge, you need only ten of them. Go Hunting!


One of the Fortnite Battle Royale challenge for week 1 is finding Fortnite Rubber Duck locations. Once you complete the search of the Rubber Duckies, you will get additional XP to help move in thew direction of your many other Season 4 rewards. Take a note that if you want to go ahead with this challenge, you need to be a Battle Pass holder. If you are a newbie, we have jotted down some tips and tricks which can help you down the battle challenges.

How actually do you go for searching rubber duckies in Fortnite?

For the challenges of Week 3 Fortnite Battle Royale, your tasks are listed as following:

Your task is to search rubber duckies locations. Out of total 19 duckies, you need to locate any 10 and earn 5 battle stars. You can find the rubber duckies all across the map and once you have located them, just go and stand in front of the duckies and use the prompt to pick them up. Similar to the Gnomes from Season 3, the rubber duckies also makes noises of quacking which helps you when you are practically close to them to track them down easily.

Rubber Duck Locations Fortnite Battle Royale

Where to search for the Rubber Duckies in Fortnite?

Unlike the clay pigeons, the rubber duckies cannot be located from the high above, thus you will have to look for the ducks by your own. You may be lucky enough to run into one of those on the off beaten paths. Since you need to find ten of them to complete the challenge, we have listed 14 of them for you to plan your path of the journey accordingly.

  1. Right next to the jetty, in the north east part of the Loot Lake you can find one Rubber Ducky.
  2. If you go towards south of the Loot Lake, just next to the waterfall you will find another Rubber Ducky.
  3. In the north-west of Retail Row is a dilapidated house, look for the bathroom on the ground floor (if you go through the front door you will find it on your right) and search for the Rubber Ducky in the bath.
  4. You must have seen the rectangular lake in the south of Fatal Fields. On the north side of the lake, is another Rubber Ducky.
  5. Move towards the Snobby Shores and look for the house second from bottom. When you get to the back garden you will see an empty swimming pool, with a Rubber Ducky inside.
  6. Somewhere in between the Snobby Shores and the Tilted Towers, you can find small town with an indoor pitch of football. Right on the west side of the building are some showers, where you can find the Rubber Ducky.
  7. If you move towards the north of Moisty Mire, you’ll see a swamp with a hut, with another Rubber Ducky just by the jetty.
  8. Familiar with the small pond in the south of Moisty Mire? The Rubber Ducky sits right in the middle of this pond.
  9. Go east to the Lonely Lodge, and look for the pond. Another Rubber Duck is just against the outside edge.
  10. If you go south – east to the Lonely Lodge, there is a stream next to the hut. This stream terminates in a cave. You next rubber duck is waiting right there.
  11. Look up to very north of the map, at the end of the river, if you drop down the waterfall, you will find another Rubber Ducky.
  12. Look down at the very south of the map, at the other end of the river right by Lucky Landing, drop down to the end of the waterfall to find another Rubber Ducky.
  13. There is a Rubber Ducky underneath the bridge north-west of Lucky Landing.
  14. On the south-east side of Greasy Grove, just before the road, is a chained off section. Enter, destroy the water pipe with your axe and you’ll find a Rubber Ducky.

An important note to remember, you have  to complete the match to finish off the challenge – Once you collect the rubber duckies, quitting the match won’t work well.

Summing up for the search – rubber duckies fortnite.

Well your worries are sorted here since we just gave you the perfect guide to find the rubber duckies locations on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Just remember, you need ten of them to complete the challenge, keep running towards the next one as you move. Plan your route according to the rubber ducky locations. If you can hear the, they are nearby. Go fetch!

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