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How To Add a Link To Instagram Story – 4 Methods That Work

How To Add a Link To Instagram Story – 4 Methods That Work – The introduction of Instagram stories has led to a change in the behavior of an average user on the application. A user on average spends approximately ten more minutes on Instagram since the Instagram stories feature has come. Stories have overcome many obstacles in the way of promotions and marketing. One of the main barriers of Instagram is that the links inserted in the caption are not clickable. It might not come as a shock for those who use Instagram for personal and individual accounts.

However, it is a limiting factor for those businesses that aims to convert and grow their Instagram audience. Businesses use Instagram as a conversion and engagement platform. The goals can be met easily if one knows how to redirect your significant audience to the business website or blog by understanding how to add a link to Instagram story. A link in your bio is the only clickable link on Instagram other than one discussed in this article.

The clickable link feature of Instagram is a highly anticipated one from all the promoters and marketers who keep looking for more ways to drive some traffic and generate more audience. All the businesses can surely make some use of this platform by adding a link to Instagram stories and including a swipe up feature. This new tool of Instagram has the potential of increasing business traffic when used effectively and creatively.

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Who can Add Links to Instagram Stories?

Instagram only allowed the verified accounts to post a link in Instagram stories when clickable links were introduced for stories. After early 2017, any Instagram user with more than 10k followers can access this feature. Adding a link to your story is the ultimate way to drive traffic to your blog or website. Listed below are the steps on

How to add a link to Instagram stories

  1. Tap the Camera Icon

Go to your main Instagram feed, tap the camera icon located at the upper left corner of the screen, to begin with, your Instagram story. It can be tracked right above the word Stories.

  1. Click on the Link Button

how to add link to instagram story

Before adding a link to the Instagram story, you need to capture a video, photo or upload one from your camera roll just like you normally do. After this, you are ready to add a link. Add text, filters, and stickers, and after you are done, you can just click on the link option located at the top right corner of your screen along with all other options. The link icon looks like a chain.

  1. Enter or Paste the URL

how to add a link to your instagram story

After clicking on the link button, Instagram will take you to a page where you can enter or paste the URL that you want your audience to land on. After entering the URL, click done and you are ready to publish the story like always.

Instagram story analytics do not currently have the mechanism to track URL clicks. To measure the conversions and traffic, you may want to use a link that you can keep track off separately. You can track metrics of traffic generation by using a link shortener such as Rebrandly and Bitly. When you have successfully linked a URL to your story, chain link icon becomes highlighted to show that your story has a link.

  1. Add a Call to Action in Your Story

Last but not least, to drive all the traffic or sales to your online store, website or a blog, it is not enough to just add a link to the Instagram story. It is crucial to talk to your followers about it as simply posting a story won’t suffice and create any excitement among them. This leads to the use of Instagram Swipe-Up feature.

swipe up instagram stories

The link button is not super noticeable, and some followers might not find it when they aren’t looking for one. People who aren’t the frequent users of Instagram, they might be unaware of this feature. Even though a see more sign appears at the bottom of your story, you still need to make sure to direct the followers for clicking it so they can swipe up to know more about it.

It is necessary to tell the audience about what exactly are you linking to when you are providing a link to a particular blog post or the product page. Many Instagrammers use Instagram swipe up to tell their followers to shop for a product by redirecting them to the product. Swipe up feature transform the Instagram game. Let’s imagine you have introduced a new product.

All you need to do is post an Instagram story and add a link to your site where that product is listed.

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Ways of Using Links in Your Instagram Stories

Using links in Instagram stories is one thing and using them effectively is another. Adding links to Instagram stories is currently the only way to add a specific link to any post on Instagram. Some marketers get over enthusiastic and add too many links frequently. If you are adding a bunch of posts in your entire story, you may include one or two posts with clickable links to the whole collection of stories. If the story has three or four series of posts, it should only contain one link.

If the number is six to eight posts in a story, you can add two links at most. Not every story collection need to have a link. Every link that you provide should add context and value to your story in a way that benefits your audience.

Benefits Of Adding Links To Your Instagram Story

  • Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts

A blog is an important tool of marketing strategy. A great deal of value is created when the blog is well shared at as many places as possible. You can alert people about the new blog post that is put up with the help of links in Instagram Stories. You can add a direct link to the blog post by adding the swipe up feature.

  • Complete Your DIY stories or Tutorials

While you are sharing some DIY tips, tricks, and tutorials using Instagram stories, you may like to add a link to your website at the end of the story with complete instructions. For example, if you share a recipe with your followers, the first post may be the finished served dish, the followers’ posts might show several pictures from the preparation process, and the final post can be a plated dish. This final post will have a call to action for swipe up to get the complete recipe off your website.

  • Uncover Exclusive Content

An innovative and creative way of interacting with your audience is to keep them exciting and interested. You can use the story URLs to tease your followers with anything that they want to see more of. A popular Instagrammer shared a story to announce the winners of a contest, but in order to see the list of winners, the followers needed to swipe up to go on the website page of the winner’s list.

This technique also works quite well to reveal bloopers from a recent video shoot or a photo shoot, sneak peek from a new project or of new products and to reveal some exclusive information. Following a creative approach and teasing your audience always work wonders.

  • Promote Your Products and Services

You will obviously want to feature a product or service that you want to promote through your Instagram story. This is perfectly acceptable when done in limits. Every story shouldn’t be a part of some deal, sponsorship or promotion. The audience soon loses interest in checking your Instagram Stories if you do so. You should always use other tactics mentioned in this article to include clickable links to your stories. This ensures your audience that you are not selling some product or service to them every single time when they check your story and there’s a link in it.

While promoting a product or taking part in any sponsorship campaign, make sure that you keep it simple yet fun. Your story should be styled in the same theme as they typically appear.

  • Encourage Appointments or Bookings

You can leverage and make use of Instagram to grow your business even if you own a service-based business which doesn’t have a lot of products to share. Can post a story showing the types of services that you have to offer that encourages your followers to check out the services of your business. You can add a link directly to the order, booking or appointment confirmation page.

  • Illustrate the Value of Your Email List

You can use an Instagram story to exemplify the value of your newsletter or email list. May want to post a screenshot of the updates of your email or share a picture of an offer exclusively available via your newsletter. You can include a link which directs the followers on the sign-up page. This is an effective way of turning your followers into leads and potential clients.

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