How To Speed Up uTorrent For Faster Downloads?

How To Speed Up uTorrent For Faster Downloads? – Downloading movies, videos are the most popular job to do in online and when it comes to downloading exclusive movie collection, torrent sites are the first thing come into mind. Hence, search for how to speed up torrenting and get your choice in your device within seconds.

Imagine you are done with your breakfast and ready to out for the office, however, after entering in the car, you realized that there is something wrong with the engine and it is not starting, obviously the case is equally frustrating like getting low speed in uTorrent sites for a long time.

When you have found a reliable site after searching for hours and the site is preventing you to download your favourite movie within less time, surely it will upset your mood. To have your much-awaited movie in your PC by just a click, you have to research about how to speed up torrent downloads. In this article, some effective tips will be explained to make your download procedure easy.


How to Speed Up uTorrent Downloads – Faster Downloads on uTorrent

  1. Speed Up uTorrent Downloads by Increasing the Torrent Bandwidth

The modern age cannot even think of breathing without having internet. Needless to say, the internet has a wide range of benefits to please people. Among the tons of benefits, downloading various things in online is the most significant advantage of having net connection in phone or PC. Though it is quite trending, there are multiple people who said that they are not satisfied with their download speed. If you are facing the same issue as others then this article is for you.

The discussion of how to speed up torrenting cannot be completed without talking about torrent’s bandwidth. When you have more than one file to download, you can easily speed up the bandwidth by prioritizing one file, which you want to be completed first among the entire download tasks.

The process is super easy,

Right click on the file that you are preferring for fast downloading -> then select bandwidth allocation -> choose high on the side menu and select low for rest of the files.

uTorrent Preferences Bandwidth

  1. Have Limited Numbers in Your Download Queue:

For a movie buff, being on torrent and seeing all the exclusive collection in front of his/her eyes is just like having the online shopping app in their phone. In this situation, you will be confused surely and your confused mind will allow you to choose random files to be downloaded at a single time. Needless to say, it will not help you to get all the files within less time, instead of that it will decrease the net speed and your download may require hours even a day also.

How to prevent this hassle is quite easy, just be particular about your choice, you may have many videos in your mind, however, you should choose one or two files to be transferred in your device at a single time.

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  1. Have Direct Internet Connection:

In this internet-oriented world, people need no introduction for Wi-Fi or wireless network. Though it is easy to be equipped with Wi-Fi, however, according to research, it is useful to have a direct, wired connection rather than wireless one to experience maximum speed in copying. Therefore, without puzzling yourself about thinking how to make uTorrent faster, opt for a wired network connection now and enjoy your favourite movie without facing less speed in downloading.

  1. Check Your Equipment’s Capability:

When people try to download anything in a torrent, they think that only internet speed matters, however, the case is not like that. There are several things, which should not be ignored at any cost. Befitting with that fact, the router, which you are using plays a significant role in transferring the file easily.

As torrent works by making several connections with various peers, your computer will make many connections through the router and when you have more than one connection, attached with a single router, it is clear that your router won’t be able to provide you with the highest speed. The incapability of processing all the request and crash of its will hamper the download speed. Hence, from the next time when you will think about how to speed up uTorrent, keep your router’s power in your mind.

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Hope, the article will be fruitful to reach its purpose. Follow these above-mentioned tips to increase uTorrent download speed as well as to enjoy an unflawed entertainment. Enjoy your show-time!

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