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How To Take A Screenshot On Mac? Three Best Ways

Three ways to take a screenshot on a Mac – There are many reasons as to why you’d want to take a screen grab. Maybe you’re a professional (like a designer, blogger, software developer or web developer) that needs to take screenshots of the work you’re doing. Maybe you want to show off how organized your desktop is or how awesome your background looks. Most modern Macs don’t come with a PrtScn button as Windows PCs do. If you’re curious about how to take a screenshot on a Mac, this article should help you out.

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3 Ways On How To Take a Screenshot On Mac:

There are three common ways to take screenshots from your keyboard. You don’t have to install any additional software or do anything special to get them to work.

  1. Command+shift+3

One of the most common ways of taking a Mac screenshot. This method captures your entire screen. All you have to do is press the command button, shift button and the number 3 button in unison.


  1. Command+shift+4

This is for more sophisticated screen shooting. Once you press the command button, the shift button, and the number 4 button, it will turn your cursor into a crosshair, which you can drag to select a section of your screen to capture. Once you’re happy with the part of the screen you’ve selected, you can release the mouse button or the trackpad to take the screen grab.


  1. Commad+shift+4+ spacebar

This is for screen grabbing whole windows. If you hit the command button in unison with the shift and number 4 button, and then hit the spacebar, it will turn your cursor into a camera-like icon. You can then use it to select which window you want to take a screenshot of. Screenshots that are taken in this fashion usually feature the Window with a white border and a drop shadow.


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These are the quickest and easiest ways of getting a MacBook screenshot but because technology offers so many options and refinements, these aren’t the only methods you have in your disposal as a Mac user. If you find that these methods aren’t what you’re looking for, you can install an application that gives you more options.

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