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How To Update Drivers in Windows 7 and 8 Automatically

You belong to the modern age where from health to education, everything is under the assistance of technology, computer, and network. If you are thinking that having the machine will be enough to suit with the era, then you are wrong, because to run the machine successfully updating the drivers in Windows 7 is the most important for any user.

2019 is the age, which is dependent and dominated by technology absolutely. Though technology has a lot to offer to modern people, computer is the most useful invention of the contemporary technology. To run this useful device and enjoy all the splendid benefits of it, installing the drivers is an indispensable. As technology is ever-changing, drivers also require to be updated after a certain time to function properly.

If you have just attached a new hardware device in your machine and the hardware is not functioning according to your command, then some changes are necessary for the device drivers for sure. This article is all about how to update drivers on Windows 7 and 8, therefore, if you are facing any trouble in upgrading your drivers then this article is here to be your guide. Let’s continue reading—

A Brief about Updating Windows 7 & 8

Though all the windows versions are quite tricky and a wide depth of knowledge is required to fix any kind of disorder in their functionalities, updating the drivers is super easy as well as less time-consuming. You can manage the entire process through Device Manager Utility Section and to reach this section the simplest way is to click on the Start button and select Control Panel then click on the Device Manager, where all your attached hardware devices will be listed one by one. You can select all the drivers that you want to be upgraded.

In this step, you will get two options, like- updating automatically and manually by using a pre-updated driver saved in a disk or in a folder. It is upon you to choose any one of the above-mentioned procedure.

Windows 7/8 Driver Updates – How To

How To Update Drivers On Windows 8

Befitting with the Microsoft’s contemporary versions, updating windows 8 driver become a child’s play for any user. Windows update is able to manage all the requirement of most of the common drivers. If you are opting for the automating driver upgradation then you need not to worry about anything, just click on the Driver Update section and choose the listed driver’s name, which you want to be downloaded.

How To Update Drivers Windows 7

If you have Windows 7, don’t feel tensed about how to update drivers on Windows 7. Here is the step by step for you—

  1. Go to the Control Panel section
  2. Now Go to the hardware and devices
  3. Click on the Device Manager option
  4. Select the device you want to update by right-clicking on the name of it.

When you are choosing an automatic update option then you have the privilege of returning back to the previous driver option if your new downloaded driver is not functioning flawlessly.

windows 7 driver updates automatically

The process of having the older version is as easy as updating it. To do that, you have to select the device then go to Properties option and click on the Driver Tab to get the option of Roll Back Driver and you are done with task now.

rollback your drivers

Always remember, the option of Roll Back Driver will only be available if you have an updated driver in your machine. And the auto update option will not be possible while someone is using a duplicate version of the Windows. Hence, without thinking about how to update drivers on Windows 7, follow the above-stated facts carefully and start the procedure now.

Things You Should be Concerned about

The Importance of Your Need

Your PC may be the best companion to play top-class games, however, do not play with its parts. If you are expecting your machine to work swiftly then checking the drivers are essential as without the updated driver, you won’t use any hardware perfectly.

Hence, opt for the Windows 7 driver updates only when you need, because there is no use of updating while there is no update available or when you do not need to use any external hardware in your device.

Stay Away from sCorrupt Drivers

Not all the drivers are suitable for your computers and some of the drivers may have negative effects on the computer. It is advisable to choose the right option, which have no impact on the setting of your PC. In case you are suffering from the malfunction of any driver, you can click on the “Troubleshoot” option to fix and go further.

Hope the article will be helpful for you. Follow the above-stated factors carefully.

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