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How To Use Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Remember the Visa Gift Card you received? Used it yet? Left with a change on the Visa gift card? Most of the people either misplace or forget to use these redeemable gift cards before they expire. And you have no idea if you can use this for any more purchases? Don’t you worry. You can now prevent losing this by using visa gift card on amazon. So be the smart one and empty this gift card wallet as soon as you receive it.

How To Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon Account?

Follow the steps below to add Your Visa Gift Card to your Amazon Account:

  1. Activate your Visa gift card.

The first step before adding the card is to check if you need to activate your Visa gift card. Most of these gift cards are otherwise pre-activated and ready to be used. But check to be sure. In case you need to activate your gift card, you will see a sticker on the front side informing the same. Or the cardboard sleeve can be used to see the gift card activation status. You can activate this visa gift card by giving the number printed on this sticker.

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  1. The Card’s Value

You need to check the value of the visa gift card or the remaining balance left. You can call at the phone number mentioned at the back of the card to enquire about the balance in the card. Or you can also check the balance online.

  1. Sign in

Go to and sign in to your account. Look for “Accounts and Lists” and select your account. Check your current account balance for Amazon displayed on the top of the page.

Now click on “Gift Cards” and then click on “View balance or redeem a card”. You may need to sign in again as a security measure.

  1. Reload Your Balance.

Click on “Reload Your Balance”. Now enter the current balance of you Visa gift card. If your current balance is $50, $100, $200, or $500, you can directly select the exact value.

  1. Add Your Visa Gift Card and Update other details.

Check below the Amount section, you will find the Payment method section. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to Add a card. Click on it and enter all the required details just like you do for a credit card.

Please note, there is a chance the name n the gift card might be “A Gift For You” or “Especially For You”, or “Gift Card Recipient” in case it is a gift. Use the name mentioned in the card for the “Name on card” field. Click on Next and enter your billing address. Since there is no registered address with these cards, there is no verification at the back end unlike credit cards.

  1. Select the added card.

Once you have entered all the details, add the new card to you Amazon account. Select the same card from the list of payment methods.

  1. Check the Terms and Conditions.

Go through the terms and conditions to be sure everything is as per your expectations.

Amazon considers adding these funds to the gift card balance as the purchase of a gift card. The most favorable term is the statement that gift cards issued after October 1, 2005, do not expire, regardless of any stated expiration date. Please note that this condition applies to cards only whose funds were added to Amazon before they got expired. If your Visa gift card gets expired prior to an attempt of adding these funds, your try will be unsuccessful.

  1. Reload the Card and Check Your New Balance.

Click on “Reload” on the bottom of the page and confirm the addition.

  1. Confirmation Message.

You will see a status message on your screen. Amazon will also send a confirmation of the request on your mail.

  1. View gift card activity.

Once you get the confirmation of successfully adding your Visa gift card to your Amazon account, you can now view the details of your transaction in Gift Card Activity on the same page where you clicked “Reload Your Balance”. You are all set to shop now!

  1. View products.

Once you start browsing products on your Amazon account, you might get a note that your gift card balance can cover all or a portion of the cost of the item. Once you make a purchase for the product, funds will get deducted initially from your gift card account followed by your default payment method.

You might not even know that Visa Gift Cards could actually help you get discounts from Amazon shopping. Now that you can, use it wisely. Redeem all your Visa Gift cards into your Amazon as soon as you get them to avoid expiry dates. Plus you get to have money in your Amazon Account to shop more. This Visa Gift Card amount gets used up for your shopping and you can get your products at free or discounted prices.

Summing up On how can you use visa gift card on Amazon

  • Way #1:

You can add credit to your Visa cards directly and use the amount from your card in case the gift card is redeemable. This is one of the most easiest way of using your visa gift card.

  • Way #2:

In case your visa gift card carries a card holder name, card number, expiry date and cvv just like any other credit card, use it like others. This card acts like any other visa card with a little difference in the terms and conditions.

You can also buy these Visa Gift Cards on Amazon to gift it to others. It is a decent gift to be presented on marriage anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations or even for your boss. Never consider this gift as unwanted. This gift gives you the independence of buying something of your own choice. Gifting or getting a Visa Gift Card seems good now! Right?

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