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Panda Free Antivirus Review 2019

Panda Free Antivirus Review 2019 – In this modern age, we have surrendered our life on smartphones and computers. We trust in the virtual relationships rather than the real one. Devices like, phone or laptop has every minute details of our life. In earlier days, computer and data pack were used in searching for various things, downloading, however, since, online shopping portals are here, this device has the power of scanning your bank details too.

A successful virus attack can spoil everything, even it can explore all the details to the world, within a few seconds. Having an antivirus is indispensable for avoiding such disasters.

While there are multiple articles about the benefits of antivirus, this one is going to focus on the Panda Free Antivirus Review, to guide you in choosing the right antivirus for your device.

This free antivirus is present in the market for many years. However, the latest free versions have left it behind by their supreme efficiency and capability. Let’s read on about the following features, to know it better—

Panda Antivirus Free : Coverage and Types

The free version is suitable for Windows XP through Windows 10. It has no other facilities except gaming mode and VPN data allowance of 150 GB per day. For more features as well as more Free VPN data, the cost will be $10 per month and $119 for a year. We are very sorry to say that the free version is not enough to efficient to please the users.

Like all other antivirus products, Panda Free Antivirus also has four paid editions (for Windows), like- Panda Dome Essential, Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome Compete, Panda Dome Premium. Both these versions are available in monthly and annual premiums.

The advanced protection requirements are under these paid versions, as these are all meant to solve different types of woes. Panda’s Dome Essential is available at $3.99 for a month, you can also pay the annual payment, which is $47 for a single user. If you want to pay the annual cost or the monthly, it is upon you. Though the paid versions are loaded with multiple benefits, the most important advantage is, you can use the same program in two, three or even ten machines by paying some extra dollars. These paid version cover Macs and Android systems along with the firewall manager, Wi-Fi scanning features and malware protection.

The next premium version is Panda Home Advanced. It costs $4.99 per month and $59 yearly for a single user. You can attach unlimited devices in the same program by paying $131 yearly. You are going to enjoy a lot of benefits, like- file encryption, parental control, ransomware protection and so on.

Among all the four paid versions, Panda Dome Premium is the superior one. Hence, the benefits are wide-ranging and need no further introduction. The single device package is starting from $12.99 per month and the annual fee is $155 per year. The rate for including unlimited users are $26.99 monthly and $323 per year. The users who are using these are enjoying more benefits rather than free version users. Panda Dome Premium is equipped with 24*7 hours’ customer support through phone and e-mail, free online storage space for 20GB and unlimited VPN.

Antivirus Protection

The protection procedure starts with the scanning process and it has the same conventional scanning methods like other antiviruses.

First, the program scanner checks new files to identify bugs.

Second, the heuristic monitor starts its job of examining the codes and natures.

Third, if the program finds anything wrong in the files then they send it to their lab to identify bugs and solve the issue.

To make their service efficient, the program checks all the details, like, what you do online or which sites you prefer to download movies or any songs.

Its real-time scanner checks compressed files and prevent the user from downloading evil applications and the three-step security check will the possible damages, however, it does not have any protection against ransomware. The gaming mode, which is available in the free version, helps the user to customize the protection level and blocks interruption as well. The free version also alerts you when you insert a SD card or pen drive in the machine, however, the scanning process is not available in free version. To enjoy the advanced features of the program, you can step up in the premium editions by spending some money.


Panda Free Antivirus’s worm protection is in the bottom line in comparison with the best free options. According to various lab tests, it does not score 100 % even after testing multiple times. The ability to prevent a wide range of viruses is lower than Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Since 2006, the test result is not up to the mark and this reason makes the program inefficient in the market.

Security and Privacy Options

The free edition of Panda Antivirus has nothing extraordinary, except the VPN data and Service. It has the power of scanning the web results for virus and this facility is suitable for Google, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Performance Rate and System Impact

The performance rate of Panda Free Antivirus is lower than Bitdefender and Kaspersky. The positive thing about this free version is, it has a medium impact on devices and does not slow down the machine at the time of scanning (though the scanning takes a lot of time).


It has got a super pretty interface. The theme colour is sea green and the home page is designed with individual icons to make it easy to use. You can solve your queries, like- scanning, VPN data check, support, setting by clicking on the icons. There is also an update button, to help you in upgrading the versions.

Installation and Support

It is super easy to install this solution into your computer. You just need to wait for 7-8 minutes for receiving it into your device. After installing it, you are good to start the scanning procedure.

For the free version users, Panda team has no additional support, however, you are free to go through the FAQ section to widen your knowledge about it. For the premium users, there is a good news, they have their responsive 24*7 e-mail and call support to solve your queries.

Hope, this review will help you in guiding you to choose the best free antivirus. Thanks For Reading!

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