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Project Free TV : 10 Best Alternatives To Free Project TV

Project Free TV : 10 Best Alternatives To Projectfreetv – Project Free TV is an infamous TV show and movie streaming website. To the dismay of many of its users, it suddenly disappeared from the internet on the 24th of July 2017. Luckily, the internet is like a multi-headed hydra, for every website that falls, two more emerge.

Since it was taken down in 2017, a few sites carrying its name and wearing its aesthetic have shown up. The problem is many users suspect that these copycat ProjectFreeTV sites aren’t from the original team.

We’ve found some of these new proxy’s to be buggy and glitch. For instance, if you select a series from the watch list and choose an episode, sometimes it doesn’t redirect you to your chosen episode. In some cases, it will play an entirely different series.

To further elucidate, we went on one of Project Free TV’s new proxy sites and tried to play American Dad Season 1, episode 1. Instead of playing our chosen episode, it instead played Genius.

Granted, we know that ProjectFreeTV is still majorly beloved by internet users but there are better alternatives out there. Our mission with this article is to give you ten of the best. It should be noted that some of these streaming services are legal while some are not.

*Disclaimer: We do not condone, support or endorse piracy. This information is purely for educational purpose. We suggest that you subscribe to an affordable streaming service that has legal access to the movies and series that you want to watch. There are a plethora of affordable options like Netflix and Hulu. Supporting content creators and services ensures that they can come up with more quality content. 

10 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites To Project Free TV

1. All123Movies


123 Movies is one of the most well-known streaming services for pirated media. In 2018, many of its fans were distraught to find out that it was shutting down. Although the main site did shut down, a few proxies and similar sites have sprouted up ever since.

To replace 123movies came All123Movies. Much like 123Movies, it is known for providing the latest series and movies in a variety of quality. It also uses multiple servers to stream from. All123Movies is completely free to use and does not require you to sign up to use its services.

Although, signing up for an account can be advantageous. Account holders get to create playlists and set up bookmarks. The best thing about All123Movies is that there are multiple proxies to choose from. They also have different website layouts and interfaces.

So if you don’t like the way one proxy website looks or its speed, you can simply choose another. All123 Movies is a great alternative project free TV.

2. Tubi TV

tubi tv

Through licensing and partnership with companies like Paramount Studios, MGM Studios, and Lionsgate, Tubi TV provides users with one of the largest libraries of television and film on the internet. The depth of its content is only second to Netflix.

That’s exceedingly great value for a service you don’t have to sign up to use. If you want to use Tubi, you can simply click on the Watch Now and be transported to a world of free TV series & Movies.

Although setting up an account can be beneficial because Tubi tracks your viewing history so it can learn about your preferences and make better suggestions in the future. Tubi is a cross-platform service. It’s available on Android and iOS mobile devices. It also works for gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as the X-box 360 and One.

Tubi keeps the lights on through advertising so you can watch free TV shows online legally. Because of the EU changing its trade rules and regulations, the service may not be available in some European countries. However, it’s still one of the most widely available free streaming services out there. Tubitv Ranked 2nd in out list of best alternatives to projectfreetv.

3. Sony Crackle

sony crackle

Formerly known as Grouper, Sony Crackle is a platform and website that allows users to watch TV shows and stream full movies online for free. It’s also completely legal. Crackle bankrolls the content it provides through ads.

They might be somewhat annoying but at least you don’t have to pay for the content you watch. It’s available in over 21 countries (and counting) and has apps for both Android and IOS which makes it easier to watch series & TV Shows online for free, no matter where you are.

Once you create a free account, you will have access to Crackle’s large and extensive library. The interface is user-friendly enough and it gives you the option to create watch lists. This is convenient because manually changing between videos can be a drag, especially if you plan on watching different episodes from different series. Since Crackle has a large library, it has a comprehensive search function that allows you to filter and sift through it.

4. Viewster


Viewster is one of the oldest free streaming services on this list. It was launched in 2007 in Switzerland. Today it has offices in Europe, England, and Australia. In terms of movies, it has a collection of more than 12,000 titles.

The beauty of Viewster is it allows people to watch full free TV episodes online without registering or downloading an application.

Since it has offices all over the world, it provides users with content from all over the world.  From Soap Operas, Anime series and even Brit shows. Viewster has an extensive range of genres and series.

Viewster also runs a quarterly online film festival which is unique to its service. It’s a great novelty. It also has applications for Android and iOS and is even compatible with most Smart TVs.

5. Popcorn Flix


Less known for its range of series and known more for its collection of movies, Popcornflix is one of the most beloved streaming websites on this list of similar sites to projectfreetv.

Unlike most of its competitors, Popcornflix has unique series & movies that can only be watched from its website for free.

In addition to all of this, it available on a plethora of platforms and devices which includes mobile devices, consoles, smart TVs and OTT devices.

The site is simple enough to traverse but some users might find it painfully plain. It also has a staff picks section worth checking out.

6. Series9


Series9 is one of the best sites for (illegal) streaming. It has the latest episodes and movies rips. It also has links to some golden oldies.

The website’s layout is pretty standard. It has a white background and most of the latest movies are organized on its homepage as thumbnails. It allows you to stream movies and series in various qualities and formats.

In addition to this, you can also stream videos with subtitles in different languages. It’s completely free and requires no registration. Just like many other illegal streaming services, Series9 has a bunch of different proxies and websites.

So if you find that one website falls then you can simply jump onto a different proxy.

7. Kanopy


In terms of legal Streaming, Kanopy is a lesser known website which is surprising.

In addition to giving you access to its extensive collection, it also allows you to connect to various libraries all over the world so you can stream and download content from them while using Kanopy’s website.

It also has multi-platform support with applications that work on Android, iOS and OTT devices. Kanopy comes highly recommended from us, just based on the website’s layout and potential.

8. Veoh


Veoh gives you access to over 70,000 movies, as well as a host of TV shows and other content. So the obvious question is, why is this site so far down our list?

The answer is that Veoh includes user-uploaded content, so you need to exercise additional caution when using the site. Using your VPN and a sturdy antivirus program will keep you safe. We were able to access content from a range of different servers.

The content is well organized, and the search option allows you to search by several different criteria. Creating an account is optional to stream videos, but required if you want to upload content.

Playback on the videos we tested was excellent, and we found some great classic movies as well as better-known hits.

9. Snagfilms


SnagFilms offers over 2,000 titles, including cult classics and independent films. Its catalog covers most genres and includes a good range of TV shows and series as well.

You do need to sign up to use the service, but as with the other streaming sites we’re including here, signup is simple and straightforward. The ads are short and unobtrusive, and the content is well organized and easy to navigate.

The only problem we found with this website is that some titles we chose wouldn’t play during our testing. We tried connecting to VPN servers in different countries but found that it didn’t make much of a difference.

However, with so many titles to choose from, this limitation is really only a problem if there is a specific show or movie you want to watch. Playback quality was excellent on the titles that did work.

10. Yahoo View!

yahoo view

Yahoo! View has a long and interesting history. Originally conceived as a video sharing website akin to YouTube, it has gone through many changes and iterations over the years before becoming what it is today.

Back in 2016, Hulu announced that it would end it’s free streaming service, leaving many users devastated and stranded. Luckily, in that same year, it would partner up with Yahoo to deliver Yahoo! View, a service that allows you to watch TV shows free.

The advantage of the partnership means that Yahoo! View has the majority of Hulu’s free content as well as Yahoo! Screen content.

Users in the US have access to the latest five episodes of popular shows that air on NBC, ABC, and Fox for up to eight days after they’ve originally aired. This is an advantage that other free streaming sites don’t have.

Others in Alternatives Section :

Honourable Mentions






Final Word

It’s nearly impossible to block internet piracy. You can take down a singular website or all of them, pirates will always find a way. That’s why there is no use in mourning the death of Project Free TV. There are so many alternatives out there, all you have to do is sharpen your search engine skills to find them. Or you can just read this article. We hope that you’ve found it helpful. If you have any recommendations of your own, legal or otherwise, please leave them in the comment section. We’d really love to hear from you. As always, thank you for reading.

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