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Best Steam Launch Options for PlayerUnkown’s Battleground (PUBG)

Best Steam PUBG Launch Options for PlayerUnkown’s Battleground – If you’re unfamiliar with PUBG, it’s an extremely popular battle royale game, developed and published by PUBG Corporation in 2017, where it was first released for Windows PCs through Steam. It’s one of the best-selling games of all time, with over fifty million copies sold globally as of June 2018.

PUBG is a multiplatform game with versions on the PS4, Xbox-one and of course the PC where the early access release was first launched in 2017. There’s also a free-to-play version for iOS and Android mobile devices. In total, the game has over four hundred million total players globally. This makes it one of the most played games of all time.

We’re not here to talk about Player Unkown’s achievements, those are well documented. We’re here to talk about the steam version on PC and how we can optimize PUBG to launch faster and play smoother.

Firstly, we’ll explore and explain some of Player Unknown Battlegrounds launch options and settings. Once we’ve gone over them, we’ll discuss how you can use them to optimize your PUBG experience on Steam.

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The Best PUBG launch Options

To proceed with the examples in this article, you’ll need to have a text editor. Notepad is perfectly fine but an alternative like Notepad++ would be even better.

Open your text editor and insert the following properties onto a new page. Make sure to write all these properties on a single line. Each property must be prefixed with a dash (-):

  1. Refresh Rate

-refresh 144

The above launch option will force your refresh rate to be 144 Hz. This will only work if you have a 144 Hz (and above) monitor. If not, you can edit the PUBG launch command and set it to your monitor’s refresh rate.

  1. Maximum RAM


This option controls the maximum amount of RAM allocated to the game. The launch setting requires the amount of RAM in megabytes. Since I have 16 GB of RAM, we’ve chosen to allocate 13 GB which roughly equates to 13000 MB. You can input whatever amount would suit you here.

  1. Memory Allocation


The above option allows you to determine what will control the memory allocation. In the above example, we chose to use the system to dictate the memory allocation during gameplay. Allowing the system to determine the memory allocation will improve the gameplay significantly.

  1. Use All Available Cores


This command will force your computer to use all CPU Cores when it’s running PUBG.

  1. Shader Model


This option will force the game to use Shader Model 4 instead of the usual Shader Model 5. Which means it will change shading from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10. In terms of graphics, there isn’t a significant hit in performance, however, the game should run smoother. It will give the game an almost matte look.

  1. Disable V-Sync


This option disables V-Sync. Vertical Sync is used to stop screen tearing when you exceed your monitors refresh rate. If you are getting below 60 fps then make sure to add this option.

Your final string should look similar to this:

-refresh 144-maxMem=13000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4-novsync

Applying Steam’s PUBG Launch Options

  1. Open and run Steam
  2. Go to your steam library.
  3. Right-click on Playerunkown Battlegrounds.
  4. Click on Properties
  6. Copy and paste your options into the text bar and click ok.

Try restarting Steam and then launching the game. Hopefully, this will improve your gameplay experience. If you’re still experiencing any drop in frame rate or any problems in actually launching the game, you can adjust some of the options above to suit your needs. Steam has plenty of resources to help you with optimizing your game experience.

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Final Word

Games like PUBG have a long life expectancy, especially on PCs. Because of the sheer amount of content in the games. Not to mention community created mods. As a matter of fact, PUBG actually spawned from a mod that was created by a fellow named Brendan “PlayerUnkown” Greene. It was inspired by the 2000 Japanese movie, Battle Royale.

I hope you’ve found this article to be both informative and helpful. If you need any help with the steps or just want to point out a blind spot on our end, please leave a comment in the comment section. Make sure to also pay a visit to some of our other content on the site. You will not be disappointed. As always, thank you for reading.

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