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A Complete Guide To Sony Rewards/ Playstation Rewards Program

A Complete Guide To Sony Rewards/ Playstation Rewards Program – If you are a PlayStation user, there is good news for you. The service, SonyRewards, which offers points to its users, is now offering Rewards Passes. You are required to earn in-game trophies to get your hands on these passes. Additionally, the Sony Rewards Trophies hold a lot of value. All you have to do is complete PlayStation challenges, and you will be rewarded. The rewards program is meant for lovers of entertainment. The points can be exchanged for various products of Sony, PlayStation Rewards and much more.

In order to earn credit from in-game trophies, users will have to join SonyRewards by signing into their PSN account. Users can buy or rent movies and still, earn credit with their PlayStation account. Furthermore, each dollar spent at PSN Store is equivalent to one point, and users will be instantaneously rewarded with it. In addition to that, you earn more as your subscriptions keep increasing. The PlayStation card can help you score more points on Store purchases, Sony Products at approved retailers, mobile phone bills and other purchases. You will even benefit from discounts on PSN subscriptions.

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What is Playstation Rewards?

Playstation Rewards link you to everything that is Sony. Points can be earned by joining SonyRewards account, spending on Sony Store, buying from merchants like,,, and so on.  In addition to that, the points can get you special experiences, Sony, and PSN products. Besides that, you can also earn points from PlayStation Trophies Rewards. 

How can one redeem Playstation Rewards Points?

In order for your account to be credited, you need to visit the PSN Store and enter the redeem code. Nonetheless, you must be very careful, as the voucher code cannot be used more than once, and it must belong to the same region as your PlayStation.

How can the points be utilised if they are not sufficient to be redeemed?

You do not have to wait to get your hands on what you want even if you lack adequate points required for redemption. The points can be indubitably bought using a PSN Card or other credit card at a penny a point.

What can Sony Rewards Points offer to a user?

Users can select anything from the rewards catalogue, which includes Sony products, music, PSN hardware and games, PlayStation Store cash et cetera. Additionally, you can invest your points for an opportunity to win remarkable life experiences and so on.

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Where can one check the points balance for Playstation Rewards?

It is necessary that you sign into your account on to browse Playstation rewards and get a comprehensive and descriptive view of your earnings so far. However, you must keep in mind that, up to five business days are required for your points from PSN Store to be updated.

Make the points earned on PSN credit card or Sony get deposited in the same wallet as PSN Store purchases?

The points earned on PSN credit card or Sony will be deposited in the same wallet provided that your PlayStation Network account is connected to the same Sony Rewards account that your PlayStation card is linked with.

Do the points earned have a particular date for expiration?

The points will be invalidated after five years from the completion of the calendar month for users whose PlayStation card is properly linked to their Playstation Rewards account whereas users who do not have a PlayStation card linked to their Playstation Rewards account, the points earned will be nullified on March 31st of the calendar year.

Is it feasible to link a number of PSN accounts to one Sony Rewards account?

You must take into consideration that it is impossible to link multiple PlayStation Network accounts to just one Playstation Rewards account. In addition to that, you cannot even alter the linked PlayStation account. You must be judicious and select the right account so that you do not face any trouble in the future.

Is it possible for a Sony Rewards account to be linked to PSN sub-accounts?

Yes, it is possible for a Sony Rewards account to be connected to PlayStation Network sub accounts. PlayStation Network sub-accounts are considered to be independent in nature and this why no points can be earned by any of the sub-accounts of Master accounts.

What should a new Sony Rewards member do to earn points from purchases on PSN Store?

New Sony Rewards members will have to connect their PSN to their current Rewards account in order to earn points from PlayStation Store.

Is it imperative for the E-mail addresses of PlayStation Network account and Sony Rewards account to be similar?

It is not at all imperative for E-mail addresses to be similar in order to connect your PlayStation Network account and Sony Rewards accounts.

Can points be earned by uploading Sony Movie Ticket stub(s)? If yes, what is the process?

It is feasible to earn points by uploading Sony Movie Ticket stub(s), but you must be a SonyRewards member for that. For the process, you will require a black or blue pen or marker, a scanner or digital camera and your movie stub(s).  You need to sign in to your SonyRewards account and upload the movie tickets that you purchased, and you will be provided with a registration code. After that, you need to take a picture of your Sony Movie Ticket stub(s) with the registration code on it. Lastly, you have to evaluate the picture and submit it to acquire the points.

Can points be earned for earlier PSN Store purchases?

It is feasible to earn points from PSN Store but for that, it is mandatory that you link your account. Nonetheless, if your account is not linked, you will not be eligible to earn points from PlayStation Store purchases.

Do Music Unlimited Subscriptions offer points?

You can definitely earn points from Music Unlimited Subscriptions if you have purchased them with your PlayStation Network Wallet.

Can points be earned by making purchases from the online store of PlayStation Network?

It must be kept in mind that anything that you buy using your PlayStation Network Wallet will earn you points. This includes games, videos, music on all PlayStation devices and Stores along with PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Does Wallet Top up provide points?

You only earn points when you purchase products using the money in your PlayStation Network Wallet. However, you will not be rewarded any points for topping up your wallet with cash codes or a credit card.

Can points be earned from purchases and movie rentals?

Purchases and movie rentals from PlayStation Store will undoubtedly get you points. Nevertheless, you will not earn any points on purchases from other applications such as Amazon et cetera.

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