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Sophos Home Free Antivirus Review 2019

Sophos Home Free Antivirus Review 2019 – Your computer is your best friend. Whether you are in a happy mood or feeling exhausted after a busy office day, your laptop can give you a peaceful experience. You can watch your favourite movie or play the best game by sitting at your cozy bed and enjoy it along with your computer.

As your PC or laptop is taking care of your mood, do not you think that you should take care of it to? When it comes to, maintain the condition of the machine, antivirus security comes first in the list. In this article, we are going to concentrate on the features, pros and cons of the Sophos Home Free Antivirus. Hope this will help you in choosing the right protection for your machine. Let’s continue the reading.

Features of Sophos Home Free Antivirus

  • No cost Access facility.
  • Parental control.
  • Remote management.
  • Phishing protection.
  • Can be accessed in up to three computers.


  • Compatible for both Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10), Mac, Linux, Android, IOS.
  • Easy to use, best for beginners.
  • Pop-up notification is limited.
  • Has a minimum impact on the system as well as end-user protection, which is nice.
  • The premium version is available for one month free trial period.


  • Not suitable for Windows XP and Vista options.
  • There is no option to schedule the next scan.
  • The facilities are limited for free version users, even the premium users are not satisfied with the experience.

Why You Should Opt for the Premium Option, Instead of the Free Version

  • Ransomware protection is advanced in the premium version.
  • You can use the same access in up to 10 machines.
  • The paid version has an e-mail and web filtering option.
  • Banking security.
  • Malware protection is available.

The above-mentioned points are included to give you a quick review of the product. Here are the details, which will help you more to judge the product.

Installation and Support

Living in a technology-oriented world surely gives you the privilege to know how to download things from internet. Like other things, downloading Sophos Home Free Software is a child’s play. Reach the web address of Sophos and install this security software. You have to register in the cloud, which is free. At the end of the installation process, you will see some text to authorize the installation, however, you can easily avoid this. Make sure that you choose the free version to get the file in your device.

The third-party kernel module is not present in Macs by its default function, hence, the users will not be able to use this. It is helpful for a beginner. Thanks to the developer team, who have thought this and make the default setting wisely.

To begin with the support advantages, we can say that, the software does not have any support for the free users.

Scanning Procedure

The efficiency of the antivirus depends on the scanning process as well as the speed. According to research, all the free editions are unable to offer high speed during the scanning procedure. Sophos Free Home Edition is nothing exceptional in this case. It also takes a lot of time.

It is heard that Bitdefender and Kaspersky’s unpaid version has more speed rather than this option. The quick scan is relatively quicker than the full scan. For many users, the quick scan was unsuccessful. Therefore, it is clear that the scanning system needs improvement to satisfy the customers.


The interface of Sophos Home Free antivirus has a super simple, minimalistic look. If we compare the interface with other free versions, it will win for its less complex look. This is adorned with one icon, which will allow you to initiate the scanning. Apart from that, it has got a menu bar to simplify things. To make the interface simple, there is no additional application window in this software.

Coverage and Price

Sophos Home Free comes for free, while the paid option costs a great amount of money. The free antivirus version does not have any capability to challenge the other free versions. The premium options have amazing features, like- ransomware protection, adding up to 10 devices and so on. You can also try the one-month free trial to check the features as well as user-friendliness of it. For the free version, you don’t need to pay any charge, while the paid version comes with $4.17 per month or $ 50 yearly.

The Final Verdict

Though Sophos came long ago in the market, it is failed to prove its productivity over its competitors. It may support in a wide range of Windows versions, however, due to the inefficiency of it, we won’t tell you to try this for experiencing huge protection.

In addition, it is the best option for using in home, as you can connect more users with the same system ID, along with the amazing parental control option.

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