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10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives & Similar Sites [Updated]

Teamviewer is one of the best software to remote control the PC of your partner by establishing a connection. But, there are some privacy risks with this software especially when you don’t configure it properly. So, if you are looking for such software that you can remote control, then it is good to not go after TeamViewer only. There are many alternative to TeamViewer which are more secure. Find below the list of best TeamViewer alternatives.

10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives & Similar Sites 2019 Updated



It is the best TeamViewer alternative that offers many features. You can control any shared computer easily with it and from any device. This is much securer than TeamViewer as all the sessions are 256 bit AES encryption and TLS. For extra security, there are two-step verification and 2nd level password options. For local use, this software is free of cost and if you want to get access to any PC from anywhere in the world, then you need to buy a yearly plan. Plans are very reasonable, you only need to pay $16.99 per year. It is easy to use software and provides high-quality videos and audios.

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This software is also more secure than TeamViewer and is built by some of the TeamViewer members. Connection to other PCs via AnyDesk is faster than TeamViewer. Moreover, the actions as transferred immediately. It is available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS etc. Just get it on any device and start accessing your partner’s computer. The size of this software is very small as it is under 5MB.  It is available for free but also has a paid version.

3.Parallels Access

parallels access

When you are looking for the fastest and the secured remote access TeamViewer alternative, then this also can be a good choice for you. You can access your Windows or macOS device from any Android and iOS device. Just download the app and get access to them. Compared to the other similar apps, Parallel Access app works smoother. The magnifying glass let you copy and paste your files accurately.

4.Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is also a Teamviewer Alternative and it is completely free to use. It has fewer features than the other similar software but can easily get you access to your partner’s PC. You can use it on any device on which Chrome browser is installed as it works with Chromebook or Chrome Browser. So, if you don’t want to pay for getting access to other computers, go with Chrome Remote Desktop.


supremo remote desktop

Supremo is one of the easiest software like TeamViewer. The connection is established within a few seconds and you can control the PC easily. Supremo doesn’t require any installation to get started. You can customize its interface. For businesses, this option can be very handy as they can build their brand awareness with it by adding their business’s logo. The free version of this software lets you access any computer from within your country but to get access from anywhere in the world, you need a paid version.



This software doesn’t only allow you to remote control any other computer but also let you save files and all can be done very easily. You can also share and collaborate on files. LogMeIn offers free cloud storage of up to 1TB. So it is very easy to share the files with it. Moreover, it is also available for mobiles. Just download the Android or iOS app and get access to any PC from the mobile. For file transfer, there is a drag and drop feature. You can also record your sessions with LogMeIn.

7.ConnectWise Control

connectwise control

It is another one of the programs similar to TeamViewer that offer more features than TeamViewer. Its security features include AES-256 encryption and Two-factor authentication. ConnectWise’s major advantage on TeamViewer is that it allows various third-party integrations. The paid plans are very flexible, so you can easily get one of your choices. For individual use, it may be not good but for businesses, it is just a perfect software.

8.Lite Manager

lite manager

LiteManager is available for all famous platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux etc. You can easily control your computer or your partner’s computer from anywhere. You can get access to your computer from your mobile by using the LiteManager app. You can also use text, audio or video chat feature to for chatting with your partner. It also lets you record the screen. S, if you are looking for TeamViewer alternative free, then you can also consider this software.



NoMachine has many features to offer including the desktop access. It is very easy to use software and offers a really fastest remote desktop experience. It is easy to stream live videos and audios with NoMachine. Also, you can record your sessions with it. You can get it for all major operating systems along with Windows. NoMachine is also completely free. So, to get high-quality remote desktop experience for free, NoMachine can also be your choice.

10.Join me

join me

It is the last in our list of TeamViewer like programs. You can use it get access to any computer just like all TeamViewer alternatives. It is available for free but to get access to more features, you need to get a paid plan. One of its main features is that you can call anyone, doesn’t matter whether it is a net calling or telephone lines. You can also download the app if you want to get access from your mobile. Just like the other similar programs, this is also very easy to set up and use.


We have listed 10 bets alternatives for TeamViewer that you can use for remote desktop access. Some of them are completely free and few need some paid subscription to get access to all their features. So, it is your choice and requirements. All these are best for the remote control but if you are looking for some extra features, go with the paid versions. Moreover, you can get extra security with the paid software.

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