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The Best Verizon Plans | Data & Wireless Plans – January 2019

The Best Verizon Plans | Data & Wireless Plans In January 2019 – Choosing a cell phone plan may be daunting because of the sheer number of service providers and plans. If you don’t have enough information, you may feel that you’re missing out on the right plan. Verizon Wireless is currently the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States.

They currently have the widest coverage so it’s a no brainer as to why potential customers would want to choose one of their plans. But which one should you choose? We’re here to give you a list of their plans while giving a short concise explanation of each so you can have an easier time in making that final decision.

We’ll be going over the three main Verizon Wireless cell phone and data plans while describing each one so you understand which one will suit you the most.

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Verizon Shared Data Plans

These Verizon wireless plans allow you to access and share a single account with other people while paying a single fee. It’s suited for those of you who have families.  All these plans come with premium 4G LTE Data, unlimited Talk and Text, Carryover Data, Safety Mode, Data Boost $15/1GB and Verizon Up Rewards.

  1. 5GB – $55 per month

This Verizon wireless plan is considered to be the alternative medium shared data plan. It’s geared towards people who only have one phone on their plan and who do a little of everything. I would not recommend this to heavy streamers.  It only costs five dollars more than the medium plan.

  1. 4GB – $50 per month

This is Verizon Wireless’ Shared Medium Data Plan. It’s for users who do light streaming, upload photos on social media and surf the web often. I would not recommend this for YouTube or heavy video streaming.

  1. 8GB – $70 per month

In terms of monthly data, this is the largest and most expensive shared data plan on the list. This is geared towards users who like to do some light video streaming. It’s also suitable for sharing among your family members if you have a small family unit.

  1. 2GB – $35 per month

This is the small package and it’s geared towards the talkers and the texters. I wouldn’t recommend this package to consummate web surfers or people who want to stream music or videos. It’s ideal for checking your emails and social media every once in a while. It’s the cheapest shared data plan that Verizon Wireless has to offer.

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Single Device Plans

Single device plans (as the name suggests) are plans made to suit certain devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or router, Verizon Wireless has a plan geared towards it. There are eight different types of Verizon single device plans. We’re going to list them all and give you a brief description of what they come with.

  1. Basic Phone

Comes with 500 MB Data and Unlimited Talk and Text. It will cost you $30 per month. This Verizon cell phone plans catered to users who use instant messaging apps and who talk and text constantly. Data overage is $5 per 500 MB.

  1. Tablets

Comes with 1GB Data and Unlimited Talk and Text. It is geared towards users who own tablets and it also comes under Verizon phone plans. It will costs you $10 per month. This package is catered to users who own a tablet and need to update their apps and check their emails and social media from time to time.

  1. Hotspot

It comes with 1GB of data, no talk or text. It’s geared towards mobile routers and hotspot devices. It will cost you $10 per month.

  1. Wearable

This comes with 1GB of data and also includes Talk and Text. It’s geared towards users with wearable devices like smartwatches. It costs $10 per month.

  1. Connected home (10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB)

There are four different plans that range from 10GB to 40 GB of monthly data. Each plan costs $60, $90, $120 and $150 respectively. These plans are geared towards home-based routers and hotspot devices.  You can also choose to add a voice service for an additional fee of $20 per month. Data overage is $10 per 1 GB.

*Note – These prices do not include taxes and other fees.

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Connected Device Only Plans

There are eleven connected device only plans. These plans allow you to share data across one or more tablets, hotspots, and connected devices. If you have a tablet, a hotspot device or any other network capable device. Each plan charges a line access fee for each type of device you connect on the plan.

Tablets are charged $10 per month, hotspots are charged $20 per month and every other connected device is charged $5 per month. As previously mentioned, there are 11 plans in total. We’ll list each plan here and its price. If you want to know more about these plans you can visit Verizon Wireless connected device plans page on their website.

  1. 2GB – $20 per month
  2. 4GB – $30 per month
  3. 6GB – $40 per month
  4. 8GB – $50 per month
  5. 10GB – $60 per month
  6. 12GB – $70 per month
  7. 14GB – $80 per month
  8. 16GB – $90 per month
  9. 18GB – $100 per month
  10. 20GB – $110 per month
  11. 30GB – $185 per month

Basically, if you’re looking for data only packages that will allow you to surf the web and stream media, these Verizon data plans are catered towards you. Data overage costs $15 per 1GB for every one of these plans.

Final Word

For more information, you can visit Verizon Wireless’ website where you can read more about these plans. After reading this article, we hope that you’ve gained a little more understanding on what Verizon Wireless has to offer in terms of wireless data plans and packages.  We hope that you’re a little more certain about what plan you’re going to choose for your next wireless data plan.

If you’ve found this article helpful in any way, please share it with your friends and family. If you have any recommendations of your own or would like to point out any blind spots on our side, please leave a comment in the comment section. As always, thank you for reading.

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