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The Sims 4 Patch Notes, Updates & More

The Sims 4 Patch Notes, Updates & More – If you are a gamer who likes to give a catchy name to his gaming avatar or in general likes to personify the gaming characters then life simulation games are just for you. Currently, The Sims is the best-selling video game in that genre. You can get a hint from the name itself that ‘sim’ is actually a collective word for all life simulating games.

About Sims

The Sims is a life simulating game series developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio and was published by EA (Electronic Arts). It has currently sold 200 million copies and is one of the best-selling games of all time. The Sims basically comes under a sandbox game. Sandbox is a video game term for a game in which players are free from any specific game structure and instead the players decide what, when and how they want to get the available content. Such games are rule free with open-ended choices for the players. Such games show an open world to the players and give them the freedom of their choice.

Well you can’t stay away from getting addicted to these games. The sims also work in the similar manner in which they lack goals except for the expansion packs. The player has to create virtual people called ‘sims’, which are placed in pre-built houses. They are free to direct their moods and satisfy them. With every new expansion pack of the game the players are given freedom to modify their ‘sims’.

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There is a very interesting story behind the first perception of the game. Sims’ game designer Will Wright was inspired to create this game when he lost his home during Oakland firestorm in 1991. Subsequently rebuilding his life after the tragedy; hanging his possessions and his home, this idea came to his mind. He inculcated this life changing experience in a game. Wright once stated that the game-‘The Sims ’ was supposed to be a satire to the U.S consumer culture.

The Sims is the first game of the series, released in 2000. Subsequent editions of the game are:

The Sims 2 released on September 14,2004, The Sims 3 released on june2, 2009, and The Sims 4 which was released on May 6, 2013. The game also has spinoffs as:

  • The Sims online (later named EA land) a multiplayer online game, where the players in real life can interact with each other.
  • The Sims stories consist of a series of video games from The Sims series released in 2008 and is the modified version of The sims 2 It was optimized for systems with weak specifications like laptops. The motto of introduction of the spin off in the market was to attract people who wished to play the game on their laptops with less specifications, those who wanted to engage in messaging while playing the game, and those who were new to the series.
  • The Sims Carnival is a casual brand of the game. It again had two separate product lines; the online crowd for web-games and packaged game titles that were sold at the retail stores.
  • The Sims Medieval was an action based role playing game which was set in the medieval times. It had a special expansion pack called Pirates and Nobles.
  • The Sims Social was a flash game developed for Facebook. But due to negative responses the game was removed in 2013

The sims game series was initially for Windows platform but now it is compatible on MAC OS, Play Station2, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Windows phone, Android, Xbox one, PS4.

We hope now you have got a basic idea of this game. Let us look at the specifications, expansion packs and patch notes of all the series in detail.

The Sims

The inner game is an agent based artificial program. The game has in total seven expansion packs. Each pack adds new skin, features, items, etc. The seven expansions are living large, house party, hot date, vacation, unleashed, superstar, makin’magic.

Each of these expansions added new unconventional characters, careers, gave players ability to hold parties, to involve long and short term relationships, give gifts to other sims, added a vacation island, introduced pets into the game, to become entertainment figures, and much morehow cool is that. 

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The Sims4

It is the fourth major title in the game’s series. It was released on may6, 2013. Sims can multitask in this game as well as their moods can be changed. The major change in the game was that the players could directly manipulate each body part while the previous games only had fitness and fatness feature that could be manipulated. Traits were returned and with that each sim had three traits along with a hidden trait. The previous games were restricted but this version allows up to 5 outfits from each of the previous category and you can sort out the clothing option by colour, material and style.

Expansions: Get to work, Get together, City living, Cats and Dogs, Seasons, Get famous. Below are some of the Sims 4 Patch Notes & Updates.

The Sims 4 patch notes

  • Sims will not stutter or flip when walking through doorways
  • Time portal will not disappear during time travel
  • Sims that bunk class activities or lecture halls will not have their need frozen
  • self-employed sims can check into resorts without any need to freeze the game
  • sims can relax on floor tile
  • introduced toddlers in 2017
  • the sims time traveling which get caught on fire will now be able to save themselves
  • new range of lipsticks eyeshadows and eyeliners
  • introduced 4 sliding doors
  • new coffee table, paintings, potted plant, and living chair
  • no two sims can now pick up a toddler at the same time
  • build mode and Gallery music will not collide for dominance
  • The wishing well gives a sim its soulmate in accordance of the gender preference.

Various other text and translation changes. Play the game to know more of such patch notes.

The Sims 4 Latest Patch Notes As Of : 2/21/2019

  • Sims will no longer be able to lie about employing each other in order to avoid marriage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio for the tutorial references skill levels for career progression.
  • Fixed an issue where terrain manipulation might crash the game when players were manipulating to close to the edge…
  • Fixed an issue where clicking various spots with terrain tools would cause an error.
  • The scroll bar in text messages will no longer reset the text field back to the top.
  • Fixed an error that would happen when adding an extended roof to the top of an object.
  • Corrected texture issues for the solid blue pants.
  • Corrected texture issues for rolled jean pants.
  • Corrected shadows that were being added to clothes from a few necklaces.
  • Fixed and error when players would switch between children that were created through genetics.
  • Fixed a few instances where terrain paint would not correct clear when using the bulldoze option in Build.
  • Fixed an error when trying to place a Nightclub on a lot that is smaller than the lot that is provided.
  • Fixed an error when trying to exit the pool in First Person Camera.
  • Corrected heavy framerate slowdown when using trims on glass roofs.

Get Famous:

  • Fixed a small glitch in the 24 hour live stream buff. Please excuse any technical difficulties.
  • You Sims acting agent will no longer give you false pay information when completing a gig. Those agents are always trying to skim a little off the top.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the SciFi Helmet and Straight Skirt.
  • Corrected placeholder text on the Celebrity Home lot Moodlet.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sims from staying longer on a gig to practice their acting skills.
  • Corrected text issue in the Charity Stream Moodlet.
  • Fixed floating Sims while wearing one of the high skirts.
  • Corrected Text issue in the Tiresome Energies buff from the Crystal Healing Helmet
  • Fixed an error when bulldozing a Denzin Pond on specific lots.


  • Fixed a few graphical issues with the ice in Seasons.

Dine Out:

  • Fixed an issue where the chef was unable to adjust ingredient quality when playing with older save files.

Outdoor Retreat:

  • Fixed an issue where nosey campers knock on your campsite door.
  • Fixed an error where Sims would vanish into the Forest Hideaway lot in Granit Falls.


  • Corrected texture issue on Buttoned Pants.

Credits (Latest Patch): Forumthesims

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