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Worldfree4u Down? Here are 10 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites To WorldFree4u Trade

Worldfree4u : 10 Best Alternatives To – Worldfree4U is a movie download site based in India. It’s a Wiki site that provides you with multiple links to download movies from the internet. It gives you links to either download the files through torrents or direct download.

The best part about Worldfree4u is it gives you multiple categories to explore and download movies from. Not only does it give you access to Hollywood movies but it also gives you a chance to download Bollywood, South Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Tali movies.

Because not everyone has access to unlimited internet, WorldFree4U actually has low data movie downloads. You can download a movie with as little as 300MB.

They also have a wide variety of movies that come in dual audio. Since it’s a Wiki site, it’s very barebones and it doesn’t give you a way to stream some of the content without downloading. It’s primarily a download site.

So once again, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you ten of the best sites for streaming and downloading movies.

10 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like Worldfree4u

1. MoviesWeb


Moviesweb is currently our favorite site for downloading videos. Not only does it give you access to a wide variety of Hollywood and Bollywood movies but it also allows you to download series.

Our favorite aspect of the site is that you can download videos in various encodings and quality. For instance, you can download your movies or series in HEVC which packs videos into smaller file formats.

The qualities it makes available to users is either 480p, 720p and on rare occasion, 1080p. You can download entire series and seasons as zip folders.

The site is well organized and well maintained. You can navigate the site using three main categories; Latest, TV Series and Movies. The site also has an archive where you can see content that was uploaded in the past few months.

A big problem with MoviesWeb is it can be unreliable. The site gets taken down often. But when it’s up, it’s fast and responsive.

We also wish that the site had better organization. We really hate how the tags are written and how some of the icons or tiles aren’t the same size on the home screen.

However, these are just minor pet peeves and won’t’ bother you if you’re not finicky or suffer from some OCD. Otherwise, the site does what it’s supposed to do. It links you to direct downloads for a wide variety of content.

2. Vumoo


In terms of the way the site is set up and its navigability, easily takes the second spot in our list of worldfree4u alternatives. For a site that offers pirated content for streaming, it’s remarkably well designed and built.

Its design is reminiscent of Netflix. As a matter of fact, its user interface is a carbon copy. That’s why some internet users have dubbed it ‘the free Netflix’. Past its aesthetics, it has a large library which is consistently updated with new series and movies.

The home page consists mainly of the latest titles, tiled out as large thumbnails. From here, you can conveniently pick out the latest movie by looking at its name and cover.

Additionally, Vumoo has quite a prominent search and navigation bar. From here, you can search for a specific movie or series. You can also navigate the site in two subsections; movies and TV-series.

While Vumoo primary function allows you to stream content, you can also download content from the site.

We highly recommend it for free streaming. You don’t have to register or enter your details in order to use it. It’s completely free.

3. TwoMovies

two movies

TwoMovies (aka 2Movies) is a free social network movie site that not only allows you to stream movies and shows but it also lets you manage your viewing in a convenient way. Their database hold over 60,000 movies and 8,500 TV shows.

It works a lot like a search engine. While users don’t have to sign-up for an account, they’re encouraged to register so they can reap the full benefits of the site and its tools.

The site has one of the largest databases on the internet. Series and TV shows are updated consistently to make sure the viewers have access to the latest content. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

When using TwoMovies search function, users can filter their search by the year the movies were released. This is a great way to find the classics of yesteryear without sifting through the entire database.

TwoMovies allows its registered users to create unlimited movie lists, watch lists and favorites. They can also follow new episode updates easily, with a single click and get free email notifications about TV Show updates.

In terms of a movie and series indexing site, it definitely fills in the gap for Alluc. It ranked #3 in our list of similar sites like Worldfree4u movies.

4. MyDownloadTube


My Download Tube is a relatively new website.  It’s still a very high-quality source for movie downloads.

The website has a very simple yet modern design. The homepage is centered on a rotating banner that displays the latest uploaded movies and series. The best part about it is you don’t have to register in order to have access to its content.

Which means you’re safe from providing them with your information. You can simply select a movie and download it in various qualities. The site updates its catalog regularly so you’ll have access to the latest content whenever you visit.

While you don’t have to log in or register, it’s advisable so you can get notifications on the latest movies as well as suggestions.

Not only does this site allow you to download movies but it also has a healthy catalog of PC games to download. Content can be searched for using the search bar. You can also filter content by genre.

The site is well designed and easy to use. If you’re looking for an alternative to, look no further than this website.

5. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is one of our favorite alternatives to MoviesWeb and It has a social networking aspect that most other streaming sites don’t have. While it allows you to find links and stream media, it also allows you to interact with other users and get the opinions on the movie and shows they watch.

Genres that are included on the site are action, adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, and sports. It hosts some of the latest films and shows. It has a well-designed interface and is very user-friendly and easy to use.

MovieWatcher is another site that is blessed with consistent updates. You can watch, download and stream content and ensure that your voice is heard while doing so.

Because of its wonderful interface, the social media aspect, it has a well-organized and extensive library, MovieWatcher is an amazing alternative to

6. DivXCrawler


DivXCrawler is one of the most reliable sources for free and secure direct download movies. Their movie collection is updated daily so it’s important to check back regularly.

While DivXCrawler is free to use, it also offers a member area which gives you access to even more content. Premium access will give you access to new movies which are added every day, an easy search feature, no download limits and a money back guarantee.

Premium access will cost you a one-time fee of $12. We don’t like the monetization of pirated content on the internet so we ask you to avoid paying this fee and use the sites free services or a different website altogether.

In order to download from the website, if you’re using a computer, Right-Click on the “Download” button and press “Save Link As”.

If you are using a Mobile Device, hold down the Download Button and press “Download Link”

All movies are available in HD 720p or 1080p quality. The website is pretty barebones but serviceable. We wished the free version had a little more paint on it and was a little easier to navigate through.

However, beggars can’t be choosers. Must Check This Alternative.

7. Putlocker


Putlocker is one of the most famous sites for streaming and watching content. Much like Alluc, it doesn’t host its content on its own. Instead, it’s an online index of hosted files and various websites used for streaming entertainment media, such as films and television series.

The initial website originated in the United Kingdom as back in 2011.  It grew to receive millions of daily visitors after the shutdown of Megaupload.

There are many sites and domains that dawn the Putlocker name. It’s very hard to kill off. What’s problematic about some of these sites is that they have intrusive advertising and pop up screens. So you need to be careful when using them.

Make sure that the proxy or domain you’re using is safe. Putlocker is updated constantly with the latest movies, series, cartoons and even Asian Dramas. If you’re looking for a safe domain, you can use this link.

8. Internet Archive

internet archive

If you’re looking for legal free content which includes books, software, images, movies, and music; the Internet Archive is a great place to find and share media online.

It’s like a time capsule for public domain content. It also gives you a plethora of download options so you can choose what format you want to download your movies and how. Downloads tend to be fast as well.

The Internet Archive is a great place to download free movies. From short films to feature-length films of various genres, the Internet Archive has you covered.

The site is well organized and allows you to download in various formats and qualities. You can choose direct downloads or torrents which is ultra-convenient.

While the bulk of the websites you’ll find on this list are illegal platforms for streaming and downloading content, this is 100% legal. So you can watch and stream content guilt free.

9. ZMovie


Zmovie is a Movie and TV Series streaming site designed for those who want to enjoy high-quality full-length movies for free. The site has an ample collection of movies and TV series that you can easily watch without having to register.

It also offers multiple categories to explore such as Action, Horror, Biography, Drama, Fantasy, History, and War, etc. Each category has its own movies to watch and enjoy.

It has a really easy to use site and welcoming user interface. It also has a section for the most watched and most popular movies. If you’re unsure of what you want to watch, you can simply visit this section and find something new and interesting.

One of the best things about this movie streaming site is that it offers a complete description and summary of each movie including release date, actors, storyline, and other details. It’s kind of an amalgamation between traditional streaming sites and IMDB

Zmovie’s core features include more than 30 categories to explore. It also allows you to watch movies in different qualities, no irritating ads, you can sort movies by year, and find your favorite title by using its search box and much more.

10. Veoh


Veoh gives you access to over 7,000 movies, as well as a host of TV shows and other content. So the obvious question is, why is this site so far down our list?

The answer is that Veoh includes user-uploaded content, so you need to exercise additional caution when using the site. Using your VPN and a sturdy antivirus program will keep you safe. We were able to access content from a range of different servers.

The content is well organized, and the search option allows you to search by several different criteria. Creating an account is optional to stream videos, but required if you want to upload content.

Playback and download speeds are excellent and you can find classics as well as modern day hits. If you’ve exhausted all other avenues and you’re looking for a site to download and watch videos from, then we highly recommend this site, even though it comes in last on our list of best alternative.

More Proxy Sites For Worldfree4u




Final Word

While some of the streaming and indexing sites in this guide are legal, some are not. We do not condone, support or endorse piracy. This information is purely for educational purpose. We suggest that you subscribe to an affordable streaming service that has legal access to the movies and series that you want to watch. There are a plethora of affordable options like Netflix and Hulu. Supporting content creators and services ensures that they can come up with more quality content.

With that being said, we hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you have any recommendations of your own or need any help, please leave a comment down in the comment box. As always, thank you for reading and happy streaming.

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