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Wow Expansions List : World Of Warcraft Expansions In Order

Wow Expansions : World Of Warcraft Expansions In Order – Games can have a short life-span, depending on their genre. For instance, Tetris will always seemingly attract new players without it having to add to its gameplay. In the late 90’s and noughties, game developers and publishers realized that they could expand their game’s playability by adding more features and story to their games way after their games were released.

Thus, expansion packs were conceived. World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and since then it has gone through seven expansion packs which is one of the reasons it’s still relevant today. We thought it might be convenient to track and name all of WoW expansion packs so players have a single source reference to check if they’ve played them all.

Here’s a list of all the world of warcraft expansions in order of their release and a little summary of their features.

World of Warcraft Expansions List in Order

  1. The Burning Crusade

burning crusade - wow expansion order

Announced: October 2005

Released: January 2007

This is the first expansion pack released for WoW. It’s notable because it introduced two new playable races – the Blood Elves and the Draenei. It also added their respective starting zones to the world of Azeroth. The level cap was also raised by ten, making it 70 from 60. In addition to all of this, a whole new planet was released complete with new quests, dungeons, raids, zones, creatures, and cities.

The Burning Crusade also introduced a new PVP Arena deathmatch system that allowed players to fight in 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 matches.  It also added to the WoW by finally including Illidan as an end-game raid boss.

  1. Wrath of the Lich King

wrath of lich king wow expansion

Announced: August 2007

Released: November 2008

Much like the preceding expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King saw the maximum level cap rise by ten. It also introduced the first hero call in WoW, the Death Knights. Hero classes start the game at a higher level than the regular level one.

Wrath of the Lich King also added the new continent of Northrend where the Lich King and his horde of undead minions dwell. The game also added a new profession in the game – Inscription. Inscription gave players the ability to craft special glyphs that would enhance certain abilities after a glyph is inscribed.

  1. Cataclysm

wow catalysm - world of warcraft expansion in order

Announced: August 2009

Released: December 2010

Instead of raising the cap by ten points like its predecessors, the third expansion pack only raised it by five. Cataclysm offered aesthetic changes to the two main WoW continents (Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms). It gave them flooded areas, lava canals, and some whole new areas. It also offered up to 3500 new quests to go along with the changes. Ten new dungeons and five new raids were added to Azeroth. The glyph system was also overhauled to include three new glyphs – prime, major and minor.

Cataclysm also introduced two new playable races – the Worgen and the Goblins.

  1. Mists of Pandaria

mists of pandaria - wow expansions

Announced: October 2011

Released: September 2012

Once again, Mists of Pandaria introduced a five-point increase in level cap, taking it from 85 to 90. It also introduced a new playable race that was previously an April fool’s joke. With the new race came a new character class. The vanity pet system was expanded and a pet battle system was introduced. Scenarios were also introduced for the first time as well as Challenge Modes for dungeons. Existing talent trees were scrapped in favor of a new system of layered talents that are earned every fifteen levels.

The new expansion pack included nine new dungeons, two new battlegrounds, a new battle arena as well as three new raids.

  1. Warlord of Draenor

warlords of draenor - wow expansion in order

Announced: November 2013

Released: November 2014

This time, the next entry in WoW’s list of expansion packs saw it raise the level cap by an additional ten points, taking it from 90 to 100. It introduced player-built garrisons that could be customized and upgraded. WoW also took the time to update player model textures and added new facial expressions and new animations. This basically overhauled the game’s graphics and raised the system requirements for WoW.

Warlords of Draenor also raised the difficulty in raids by adding an entirely new level, called Mythic. Mythic level requires exactly twenty players in order to be taken part in. Normal raids were also expanded to include a normal and heroic level. Changes were made to the PvP aspects of the game. In addition to a few minor tweaks and changes to how PvP items react when players are fighting, they also introduced a new PvP focused area named Ashran.

  1. Legion

wow legion - wow expansion list

Announced: August 2015

Released: August 2016

The sixth expansion pack in the series included new artifact weapons for each class’s abilities and specializations. It initially included ten 5-man dungeons and two raids but subsequent patches would add three more dungeons. Legion increased the cap from 100 to 110.

WoW Legion introduced some changes to the PvP system. It included a new PvP honor system that unlocks new PvP honor talents and abilities. Honor abilities are unlocked through increased levels in PvP and are activated while a player is engaging in PvP.

  1. Battle of Azeroth

wow battle for azeroth

Announced: November 2017

Released: August 2018

The latest expansion (and last entry on this list) once again found WoW raising the level cap from 110 to 12. It introduced two new continents, Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Battle of Azeroth introduced four allied races for both the Alliance and Horde factions. It also added new dungeons and raids as well as warfronts. Warfronts are basically a 20-man large-scale cooperative mode.

A stat-squish was also introduced to reduce the numbers used in the game. For instance, a legendary item that previously had a level of 1000 was reduced to 265.

Final Word

With movies and other forms of merchandising, we don’t see World of Warcraft leaving the public consciousness any time soon. As a matter of fact, we predict that there will be more expansions to come in the future. We hope you’ve found this list to be useful. If you have any quarrels, corrections or comments, please add them in the comment section below. As always, thank you for reading.

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